First impressions: Maybelline FITme! Matte+Poreless Foundation

My oily skin issue is getting worse… And I blame the weather! I still like my CoverGirl foundation, but I thought I would switch for now with the Maybelline FitMe! Matte+Poreless Foundation.

My first impressions:

  • I thought it was a pump foundation, but it’s like the L’Oreal foundation I used. No biggie because there are times I prefer this over a pump.
  • Coverage is light to medium and buildable.
  • Yellow-toned, which is great for those with warm undertones. Though I think I fall under olive undertone, this is still good match for me.
  • The oiliest part of my face is my nose. Surprisingly, it’s kept the oiliness at bay since application.
  • Has no SPF
  • Photos online had me fooled. I thought the bottle was bigger, but it’s actually smaller than my hand.

I actually really like it so far. I hope this the Maybelline FITMe! becomes available locally because this seems to last/work in Philippine weather and it has a broad range of shades.

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