First Melissa in my shoe collection

Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl IV
Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl IV 001

Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl IV 005

Because of the rains around the later part of last year, most of my shoes for work wore out fast. I take long walks to and from work even. I knew of Melissa after seeing pairs of Melissa + Vivienne Westwoods in a store in Greenbelt 5. They were too expensive though, so I did my best to move on from those. LOL Then I saw online a pair of very pretty, girly flats also from Melissa. They’re more logical to wear and walk around on than the first ones I saw (although I still want a pair of heels from Melissa). Around the time I saw the flats, Geleia shoes already existed and the prices are fair enough for the quality and design of the shoes.

So this is my first pair of Melissa. It’s a collaboration with Jason Wu — The Ultragirl IV. Since I bought this pair, I got hooked to Melissa that it’s already bad for me and my wallet to go to Geleia. LOLOL

Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl IV 003

It’s not really flat as it has about half an inch rise. They’re very (surprisingly) comfortable. I first wore these to El Nido. They’re easy to wear for travel and it doesn’t matter if they get wet.

Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl IV 004
I ♥ the effect of my skin against semi-transparent green.

Melissa footwear is worth the buy in spite the price of some. Check them out. They have so many styles for any type of wear/attire.

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