First NYX purchase

I don’t think NYX is a popular brand. Unless you’re really into cosmetics, you would have definitely heard of them. NYX has a huge line of cosmetics. They’re known for their affordability. Based on the NYX website:

NYX offers the best quality of cosmetics at attractive prices. Yes, that’s right, you can splurge without guilt. This has made NYX the fastest growing cosmetic company in the United States. The ultramodern and stylish packaging fused with the huge selection of highly pigmented colors continues to catch the eyes of many hip and sophisticated makeup gurus and has become a fave in their kits.

I first heard of NYX since I re-sparked interest in make-up and read beauty blogs. Since it seems they’re known for their lip products, I have always wanted to buy a lip stick or lip gloss to try them. When I saw a local online seller having a NYX sale last year, I went ahead and bought two round lip sticks and a lip gloss.

NYX Round Lipsticks (RLS) Ceto and Twist


I bought each NYX RLS at about $3. Cheap, right? I would have bought more, but I wanted to know first if they’re really worth purchasing as others have praised them. I want to know if they indeed last long on the lips and don’t have an odd taste or smell.

Ceto 001

The Ceto lipstick is the first I tried being that it looks like a safe color that I can use right away even for work.

Ceto 002

I had hoped this would be a good cheap alternative to Clinique’s Honey, but it being sheen makes it not. Just almost. I probably need the matte version of this. I was right about it being a safe color because it’s almost nude. The lipstick smells like sampaguita which is a NO for me. Yet I can tolerate it for the color. The lipstick glides on smoothly. I like how I can apply this in one swipe on my lower lip and spread the color even on the upper lip.

The color doesn’t last that long. A gulp or two of water and some food then it’s gone. The upside is I can apply over and over again with no worries though as it doesn’t dry my lips.

Ceto 003
On my lips, without flash

Twist is almost red-orange or color in color, but it leans more on red.

Twist 001

Twist 002

To get that color, I had to apply probably twice or thrice. I was surprised on how red it came out. Different from what I expected, but I’m glad it is pigmented. I don’t remember if this has any scent, but definitely not like Ceto’s.

Twist 003

Looks a bit sheen up close in the picture, but looks matte in real life.

Twist 004

NYX Lollipop Lip Gloss

NYX Lip Gloss - Lollipop 001

NYX Lip Gloss - Lollipop 002

NYX Lip Gloss - Lollipop 003
Cute ribbon

The Lollipop is almost true to its color to what it looks like in the tube. It’s a MLBB color for me, only that it’s very sheen or glossy. I like that it’s not sticky at all compared to some of my lip glosses including the expensive branded ones. The scent is like bubblegum, but it doesn’t taste that way. It has no taste actually.

NYX Lip Gloss - Lollipop

I am still not used to using lip gloss with brush applicators, so it took me time to get used to this. I almost gave up. LOL I find the brush too big for my lips that the color gets past my lips. Then I learned that you have to dab a little on the middle of the bottom lip then slowly & evenly apply.

NYX Lip Gloss - Lollipop 004

I have mentioned the staying power of RLS Ceto, but I’m not sure of Twist’s yet. I shall test that when given the opportunity. Lollipop stays long. I haven’t retouched for almost six hours. I also had lunch. The color is still there, but the glossiness is gone.

So there’s my short review on my first NYX purchases. Will I buy again their lipstick or lip gloss? Definitely in spite that Ceto doesn’t have any lasting power. Haha~ I actually want more of their lip glosses. It costs a little more than the RLS, but still cheap. The Lollipop only cost me $6.

I apologize if this is not the best review. Not writing and reading on beauty products for some time makes you rusty on writing your own reviews.

    1. I purchased the NYX items from a local seller who you can buy from online. If so, shipment would only take a day. 🙂 NYX is also available in some stores. Somera in Glorietta 5 has them.

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