Glam Want: Special Effects USA Hair Dye

I love loud colors on my hair but colors are very limited in the Philippines. Sure there’s the occasional blue and magenta but those are just meh. If you want more striking colors, you have to get them abroad.

I’ve been lusting after Zo’s hair. She did it herself if I’m not mistaken and it’s a complicated dye job. I went to that Australian Hair School at the Podium last week and I don’t think they even know how to do such a job.

Zo's gorgeous hair

She used Special Effects USA’s Blue Velvet and Manic Panic’s Shocking Blue. I already have Manic Panic but I need to order Blue Velvet. I don’t know how to dye my own hair so I need to find a really really really good colorist.

Special Effects USA hair dye swatches

Since I have dark hair, I need to bleach first. My past bleaching experiences always ended up in disaster but I know better now thanks to Zo.

How do you go about obtaining and maintaining pure white hair?

Bleach and toner. Really, that’s it. Depending on your natural hair color you’ll have to bleach several times to achieve desired lightness. And unless you want your hair to break off in spongy clumps, you will have to wait two weeks between each bleaching session. Hats and scarves help. As far as specific products go, when my head was crowned with platinum I swore by 40-volume developer [within reason], L’Oreal Quick Blue bleach and Clairol’s Shimmer Lights line for killing yellow. Do not leave toner in longer than its instructions tell you, unless you want your hair to turn dishwater gray.

So next time I have my hair bleached, I will have it done gradually.

  1. Hello,how do I order,I need the most radical bright red and the must beautiful purple, Thank you-oh my hairdresser will order for me if I need a liscence-Yhabk-you Cindy

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