Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Cushion

I meant to update on my project pan last year and give a list of products for project pan this year, but I’ve been testing out makeup since I “shopped my stash” that I forgot.

Anyway, today I will review the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Cushion.

This cushion wasn’t on my wish list nor did I have any interest in it, but Guerlain had this irresistible sale that included this. I seriously need to stop getting tempted by big offers. XD


Guerlain enriches its Lingerie de Peau range with a nomadic cushion version: a perfecting fluid formula enclosed within a chic and practical cushion case, for an anti-fatigue effect and refreshing touch-ups throughout the day. The deliciously aqueous and moisturising texture fuses with the skin to deliver it an anti-fatigue effect and revive its radiance. Imperfections are blurred, the skin texture is smoothed and the face glows with perfection.
The nomadic cushion case houses the formula, protecting it with a plate to preserve all its freshness.

Non-comedogenic. SPF 25.
Dermatologically tested

It is 14g and comes in only 5 shades.


The Lingerie de Peau Cushion isn’t actually a cushion since the foundation isn’t soaked in a cushion/sponge (unless it is inside). The foundation is dispensed when the plate is pushed down. This may seem more sanitary for some, while I like it as I have more control over how much I want to use. This isn’t refillable, however, which is such a shame.

Coverage is medium to almost full with a lightweight, semi-matte finish. Even after more than 8 hours of wear and with a bit of sun exposure, my face doesn’t look very greasy. When I layer, it doesn’t end up looking cakey. It fades out evenly from what I can tell while it keeps my skin even and bright like I had a good night’s sleep (when the truth is, I only sleep for four hours LOL). So, that means the anti-fatigue effect is true after all.

In short, I don’t look like shit after more than 8 hours of wear and never have to worry about greasiness. Well, except on my nose as it is inevitably the oiliest part of my face.

It has a scent similar to Meteorites. Upon checking the Guerlain website, it states:

Lingerie de Peau Cushion’s fragrance is sophisticated and in perfect harmony with the skin. Notes of Violet and Rose with accents of rice powder create a cocooning sensation upon application and are instantly forgotten.

No wonder the scent is similar. The Meteorites has notes of violets and roses.

I find myself reaching for this often, yet try not to because I have a line of foundation I need to use up first. Will I repurchase? I just might get the liquid version instead as this will become wasteful in the long run. Also, I heard that the liquid version is also great.


My shade, by the way, is 02N Clair/Light.

Before I put on makeup, I only have my usual skincare items on


Guerlain is available in Rustan’s. The Lingerie de Peau Cushion retails for Php2500.

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