Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow Pearls

The Meteorites Rainbow Pearls was part of this year’s summer release by Guerlain.

Description and use

A harmony combining yellow and green pearls to help to reduce diffuse redness and dark spots, pink pearls to restore radiance, orange to help to conceal dark spots and areas of shadow, blue pearls to counter dullness, and mauve to catch the light. All nestled in a collector鈥檚 pack in the colours of the rainbow.

Like any other pearl Meteorites, this comes in a tin container. The tin’s design is “splashes” of various pastel colors, which I found cute, instead of the usual elegant-looking tins. I bought this at Php3500 from Rustan’s Makati and has a net weight of 0.8 oz.

This may be used to set makeup, revive complexion, and boost radiance.

Use M茅t茅orites Brush to apply the pearls evenly all over the face to help to set make-up and revive the complexion.

For a boosted radiance, illuminate the curved areas of the face: draw a G from the centre of the forehead towards the temples, cheekbones and top of the nose, moving down to the tip of the chin.


I have been curious about the Meteorites Pearls, but never thought of getting one as I found them to be more of collectibles than makeup that would actually make a difference on the face. So why did I get this? I was taken by cute pastel pastel colors. 馃槢 It was love at first sight. ♥

I thought the lid cover can be easily pulled up–similar to those typical cotton ball containers–but they take effort (and sometimes nails) to open. There’s a sponge included that I guess is a protection for the pearls.

As expected of Guerlain, this has lovely a scent that’s floral and powdery. I’m not even a huge fan of floral scents; I just smell more of that powdery (like expensive baby powder) scent that I really love.

The Rainbow Meteorites Pearl has a semi-matte finish. That was actually a surprise to me. I’ve always known Meteorites to be shimmery. That’s another reason I never bought before. Back then I wasn’t into shimmery makeup, but now I love some shimmer. 馃檪

This was already in my stash when I saw a luxury beauty vlogger put this on in a video and it gave her a matte finish. Then and there, I was very pleased with myself for purchasing the pearls. 馃榾

I use it to set my whole face. It doesn’t make my face look dull and flat. Sometimes I use it only on areas where I put cream products (like blush or bronzer). Just lightly though because I find it lightens/whitens the color a bit.

Meteorites are good for 12 months (as it says on the bottom of the tin), but idgaf. I’ll use this forever and ever. Also, I’ve never heard of anyone use one up before. Let me know if know if you did or know someone, or if you own (still use maybe) Meteorites that has been with you for ages. Please satisfy my curiosity! I’m most likely to be fall under the latter. LOL!

Php3500 (Rustan’s Makati), 0.8 oz

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