Guerlain Rouge G The Double Mirror Cap Collection

Years ago, I thought I wouldn’t own even a single Guerlain Rouge G. Thinking back on that and my past situation, I seem to have come a long way as now I have a small collection of Guerlain Rouge G The Double Mirror Caps. 🙂

Rouge Saphir

Guerlain Rouge G Rouge Saphir
Rouge Saphir

This cap was released with the lipstick, 821 Rouge Saphir. To prevent confusion, I’ll use the lipstick shade name for the cap too.

Rouge Saphir is from the 2017 holiday collection. I like its simplicity of just all silver with a sapphire colored gem. I was satisfied with only owning this after learning I can swap lipsticks. But Guerlain released new caps (and new shades), and those didn’t fit older shades. If I buy from the new Rouge G lipsticks, I will also need a new Double Mirror Cap. So, here I am with more caps. 😛

Gypsy Folk

Guerlain Rouge G The Double Mirror Cap - Gypsy Folk
Gypsy Folk

Gypsy Folk is the only cap among my collection that has a pinkish white-colored body (the rest are silver). I also don’t use it at the moment because I didn’ t know I had this until I organized my beauty collection not long ago. I don’t even remember when I bought it. LOL!

Electric Gold

Guerlain Rouge G The Double Mirror Cap - Electric Gold 20190707_154245
Electric Gold

Electric Gold is from the Guerlain Holiday 2018 release. I knew I had to have this since I saw the holiday collection’s sneak peek. Gold makeup is my weakness. 😛 This Double Mirror cap replaced my favorite Rouge Saphir. 😛 I also love the texture of the gold flecks.

Guerlain Rouge G The Double Mirror Cap - Electric Gold 20190707_154302
Electric Gold with an engraving of my name

I always missed Guerlain Rustan’s free engraving, but I received an invite to a foundation launch where they also offered free engraving for Rouge G caps. I got more excited when I saw it was in handwritten cursive. I love it!

Power Chic

Guerlain Rouge G The Double Mirror Cap - Power Chic
Power Chic (I kept the sticker on to keep it from opening.)

Power Chic has a brown leather design. There are green and black colors, but I went for this because it looks more like real leather. Housed in this case is Rouge G No18, which is a satin medium brown. I wanted to match the lipstick to the case color. 😀


Guerlain Rouge G The Double Mirror Cap is available in Rustan’s and Sephora Philippines (Php1130 each as of writing). The cap may be purchased separately from the lipstick.

Guerlain Rouge G The Double Mirror Cap 20190707_154018
Left to right: Rouge Saphir (holiday 2016), Electric Gold, Power Chic, Gypsy Folk

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