Hair serums, do they really work?

My Mom introduced me to hair serums. She told me I should use it before I blow-dry or iron to protect my hair like she does. This is what she gave me.

Just Modern - Spa Addix Glossing Serum 20150628_151700
Spa Addix Glossing Serum by Just Modern

Spa Addix Glossing Serum contains contains olive oil, grade seed oil, and white tea.

Just Modern - Spa Addix Glossing Serum 20150628_151930
  • Olive oil extracts help nourish your hair to be soft and brilliant hair.
  • Grape seed oil enriched with polyphenol and vitamin E helps restore your hair to be shiny and healthy.
  • White tea extracts enriched with anti-oxidtants.
Just Modern - Spa Addix Glossing Serum 20150628_151814

Formula to detangle, nourish, and recondition rough dry hair to be soft and brilliant hair.

Usage: Apply on hair before blow dry/ironing after finishing hair style. No need to rinse off.

This has become part of my daily routine that I can’t be without. My hair since has looked less dull and like a lion’s mane even without ironing. Split-ends and breakage are long gone. My hair doesn’t weigh down with it as long as I put just about a pea-size amount of oil. More than that, my hair gets greasy. This has been a good cheap alternative to my other hair care product (I can’t say what for now).

Just Modern - Spa Addix Glossing Serum 20150628_151723

Sadly, this is not available locally because my Mom bought this in Thailand. But there’s something locally available that is very similar to it, which could be a rebrand. I don’t know for sure. I did try it. I didn’t like it as much as Spa Addix because it made my hair feel heavy and greasy. There’s a variety of it, so I might have to test a few others.

Please share what your hair care products are that’s similar to this leave-on serum be it cheap or expensive. 🙂 Honestly, I’m very lazy to go to the parlor for regular treatments or trims, so I pretty much rely on such products.

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