HYD Designers Launch their Second Collection for Fashion Face Off 2011 – Part 2

This is only the 2nd part of the HYD designers launch, part 1 can be found here.

Thanks, Joiz, for taking the lead in posting about Hot Young Designer’s (HYD) Second Collection for Fashion Face Off 2011. To recap, the HYD designers launched their first collection last October 2011. Then last January 25, 2012, they released their second collection that caters to young professionals; who value work-life balance and have ensembles that can be worn from day to night.

Joiz has shown you Klart, Bailey, and Renan’s collection. I’m going to share with you now the collections of Marc and Jackie.

Marc’s Collection

Marc was inspired by his Fashion Institute of the Philippines friends. He thought of using colors and prints as the new year came. He was also inspired by Mikee Andrei and Paris Bagasao’s use of color, and with the movie Fatal Attraction, a 1987 American Thriller starring Glenn Close. Not a ‘color’ fanatic, he never imagined using pink and violet which are the main colors of his collection.

Jackie’s Collection

“The Unusual Marauder” by Jackie Maronilla Abueg puts emphasis on minimalist feministic ideals. Her design philosophy of simple and effortless brings out a subdued glow to those caught with any ensemble. By playing with materials that would usually suit trousers, Jackie’s collection this quarter decides to go unconventional and transform them into practical, effortless and chic apparel. Jackie believes that her designs should bring out the essence of a woman, this second collection “The Unusual Marauder” focuses on defying the typical image of what a woman should be and how a woman should dress. It’s about time that these unusual marauders are set on the loose!

Jackie’s designs are classy. I wonder if I can even pull one off. Not that I can’t look classy. I can BE classy, but those clothes may not be for me. XD;

All the designers’ collections look amazing, don’t you think? 🙂

The shoot for this quarter’s collection wouldn’t be possible if not for the following — Bugsy’s, The Grove by Rockwell, The Bulb Studios, HD Make Up Studio and Academy, Evita Peroni Philippines, and Officine.

Oh, some good news to buyers! HYD we will be raffling off 5 HYD pieces from the 5 designers for all those who have purchased from January 25 to February 25. Also, submit a photo of yourself wearing any from the collection and you might win a gift pack from Pond’s Philippines.

Please visit the Hot Young Designers website, create an account, and enjoy shopping!

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