Kat Von D for Sephora

There are rumors that somebody is going to bring Sephora to the Philippines but until that turns into reality, I can only look wistfully at their online store. The latest Sephora release I want to try is their Kat Von D line.

Kat Von D is this ultra talented tattoo artist based in Hollywood. She has a reality show called L.A. Ink (she used to be with with the guys of Miami Ink). Her portrait tattoos are really something else. I’m going to try to sched a tattoo session with her or her crew when I go to LA next year.

Anyway, I want to try some the following Kat Von D cosmetics.

Kat Von D Adora Traincase

$150.00 at Sephora

Not really cosmetics per se but I need a makeup case anyway.

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  1. I read somewhere about a review of one her eyeshadow palettes. It seems they break easily. I’m not sure though of those you posted in Lovely Morticia. But those brushes look pretty. I think I want. ^o^

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