Lancôme Colour Focus Self-Select – Quad eyeshadow

This Lancôme quad eyeshadow beats all my other eyeshadows. Its longevity is the best.

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 001-002

This quad eyeshadow palette contains four shades some of which, based on research as of writing, is available in singles.

  • Suntouched — Frosty, very light brown
  • Latte — Matte off-white
  • Lezard — Matte dark brown with some micro-shimmers
  • Burnt Sand — Frosty light copper

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 003v2

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 004v2

The eyeshadows are housed in a plastic casing that locks tightly. With the light plastic casing, only the eyeshadows make this palette slightly heavy. This is very compact that it’s easy to tuck in your purse or convenient on travel which is a plus for me.

The longevity of these eyeshadows is awesome. I only get creasing after 14 to 16 hours. Application is smooth and they can be easily blended even with a light hand. Lezard and Burnt Sad have micro-shimmers among the four, but they don’t feel gritty. These are all semi-sheer, but can be built up to a very pigmented finish.

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 010v2
Indoor — Suntouched and Latte

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 011v2
Outdoor — Suntouched and Latte

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 012v2
Indoor — Lezard and Burnt Sand

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 013v2
Outdoor — Lezard and Burnt Sand

When I made these swatches, only Lezard was the hardest to get an even swatch of. But it doesn’t seem so when I apply on my lids. Also, all are not powdery and I don’t get heavy fallouts.

Here’s one of my office looks. I usually go for a sheer or natural finish for office eye makeup. I have been using this palette lately for an office look after I found out that it doesn’t crease for hours.

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 007v2
Crease is darker irl than it looks in the pictures.

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 005v2 Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 008v2
Sorry about the blurriness and the hair in the left picture.


  • Lancôme Suntouched (lid and lower lashline)
  • Lancôme Burnt Sad (outer “V” to crease)
  • Lancôme Lezard (outer “V”)
  • Lancôme Latte (highlight/browbone)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 006v2


  • Clinique Even Better Makeup in True Beige
  • Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer in Smooth Medium
  • Clinique Face Powder
  • Lancome Blush Subtil in Shimmer Mandarin Sky


This quad eyeshadow palette was given to me and I believe this came with a set. Since I love this palette, I would definitely try out other eyeshadows from Lancôme. 🙂

Okay, one more photo. Hee~

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select 009v2

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