Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge 06 or Rose Nu

My L’Absolu Rouge is from a three-piece set which is a gift from my generous Aunt/Ninang. 😀 I wanted a different shade, instead she gave me this set. I’m not complaining. Three lipsticks against one? I’ll gladly and gratefully take the three-piece.

Aah~ More than a year since I had this lipstick for this review to be done.

Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge line boasts of having advanced replenishing and reshaping lipcolor. It contains Pro-Xylane™ that keeps lips moist, soft and comfortable for up to 8 hours. The SPF12 provides lips with protection. The regular-sized L’Absolu Rouge is 4.2ml/3.99/0.14oz; similar to Laura Mercier’s Crème Lip Colour. I believe all L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks have a satin finish. They also have a flowery scent that I quite like.

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge 06 001v2

The case of L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks has a rose logo on top and is shiny black and seems unscratchable. I say the latter because mine has been exposed to my steel comb, bunch of other makeup, hairpins, etc. all the time and I don’t see any scratches. They’re not visible then, should there be any. The bottom of the case is heavy due to the magnets that lock in the cap. The case looks very classy; most likely adds to the lipstick’s cost.

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge 06 002v2

Rose Nu is pale burgundy with more brown and a hint of mauve rose. The color is rather buildable. Below is my single-application lip swatch; with and without flash respectively:

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge 06 004v2

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge 06 003v2

This is a very wearable shade. It can be an MLBB shade for me when lightly applied.

The longevity of this on my lips is quite a surprise for this shade. It lasts as long as six hours. The lipstick leaves an even color and stain before it fades out completely. No color is left on outline of my lips. I haven’t experienced any bleeding nor feathering. It does moisturize. The creamy texture makes application smooth and even. Application is supposedly easy too, yet I find it slightly hard. The tip seems to be more suited for those with fuller lips. My lips are thin. What I do is use the other side of the chiseled part especially for the outline of my lips then fill in carefully with the chiseled part.

See this lipstick in an FOTD here. I will have to do another FOTD with this. The pictures in the FOTD post doesn’t show the lipstick’s more proper color.

L’Absolu Rouge goes for PhP1200 or PhP1400. (Someone please correct or verify for me. :)) Having tried this, I can say the amount justifies on how it delivers — for the pigmentation, longevity, and it wouldn’t embarrass you with bleeding or feathering or leaving a color on the outline of your lips. I highly recommend L’Absolu Rouge. There are many shades to choose from. Ignore the price and just go for it. You should own at least one from this and you won’t regret it! Just don’t blame me if you end up wanting more. Hehe~

The only downside I experienced is that my lipstick has softened maybe due to the weather when this was my lipstick of choice in my USA vacation. I now really have to use the other side to keep the bullet from getting scraped further by the inner case. The engraved rose is almost gone actually.

Lancôme is available in Rustan’s. There’s also a Lancôme store at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5. I’m unsure if 06 is available locally. This is not available in Lancome US’s website, but you can find it in Lancome UK.

Btw, please leave a comment if you also like brown-shaded lipsticks. I read a lot of beauty blogs and I don’t remember anyone else who likes that shade.

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