Lancome’s Raisinette nail lacquer and laced nails

So sorry for the lack of updates. I have been procrastinating too much and, because of that, I now have a pile of topics to write about. One of which is MAC’s Venomous Villains Collection. Hopefully I can write about that within the day.

Lancome nail lacquer in Raisinette

About two weeks ago (or probably the week before my Tagbilaran vacation), I had a foot spa, manicure, and pedicure with the mister. We went to a different salon this time because the one I frequent to already closed. This other salon still isn’t the luxurious type, so I brought my own nail polish as usual. I often go with red shades, but this time I went with something that’s more of a brown — Lancome‘s Raisinette nail lacquer. It is a mixed shade of brown and red rather than dark purple which is usually the color of a raisin, right? LOL It looks just plain shiny on first glance. But when you look at it closer and under bright light, you’ll see glitters.

You can see my callouses. LOL

The paint on my fingernails have chipped away. Those on my toenails are still intact. I believe it’s the frequent washing plus the guitar playing that’s caused the fast chipping. I find that Estee Lauder‘s nail polishes last longer than Lancome‘s.

Lancome‘s nail lacquer range from $15 to $18. 🙂

On another nail-related matter, have you tried covering your nails with lace?

Here’s a guide from (image above not taken from there) on how to get those “laced” nails.

Materials needed:

  • Brush-on Gel Resin
  • Lace: Elle recommends a thin, Parisian piece.
  • Glue dry spray
  • Manicure Scissors

First, make sure your nails are clean and polish free! Then brush on Gel Resin. Next, carefully place the lace on the nail, and spray Glue Dry on for a firm hold. After the lace is in place, you can use manicure or embroidery scissors to shape the lace to fit your nail. Lastly, reapply resin, and your nails are ready to show off!

To remove:
Soak your nails in acetone to make sure you fully remove the lace and Resin.

Seems easy, right? Chipping shouldn’t be a problem either. 😀 Maybe I’ll try soon, but I might need someone’s help especially on shaping the lace to my nails.

  1. I think Karen will love the lacey nails idea! I’d also like to try it, although I have no idea where to get Resin & the glue dry spray. 😕

    1. I’m thinking Sally Hansen has the Resin. Maybe OPI has both. So far, I’ve seen OPIs only in Rustan’s. $_$

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