Last weekend’s purchases and where to find Mosbeau

It took me until this weekend to get this post up. ^^;;; Sorry! I wouldn’t have been procrastinating if it weren’t for my sudden ‘problem.’ ~_~

Olay - Natural White
Olay – Natural White

What I really use is Olay’s White Radiance which I got from my Mum. She gave it to me after my breakup late last year. 😛 I’m about to hit the bottom of the jar, so I went out to look for another. I found it odd that I couldn’t find one. Then my Mum told me that she purchased it in the US. Now I hope this Natural White is as effective as White Radiance. Reviews for both to come. 😀

Juicy Pop Tube #13

I wanted to those patch-like things for the eye bags/under eyes so I went to Etude House because theirs is the cheapest I saw. The saleslady told me they didn’t have those though. I ended up purchasing one Juicy Pop Tube. It’s the #13 — light pink that’s shiny/glittery.

Juicy Pop Tube #13 back

Yep, I only got two beauty products because I’m on a tight budget. ^^;;;

Some may be curious as to where Mosbeau products can be purchased. Here’s a list of stores where they’re available:

  • Alixandre
  • Bare Essential
  • Bench Fix Salon
  • Caswell & Massey
  • Cutting Edge
  • First Aid PCX
  • Health & Beyond
  • Health Express
  • Health Food
  • Holistic
  • Laybare
  • PCX
  • Rose Pharmacy
  • Skin Touch
  • Somera
  • Velvet Rose
  • Watsons

I heard Mosbeau Philippines will be distributing their other products here soon.

    1. I like its shininess yet dislike that it leaves what looks like glitters. :/ Also, I can’t quite get its taste. Why is it called juicy? LOL

      1. Yeah it leaves glitters which is why I seldom use it, and it tastes like hard candy (the type black ants love). I don’t know why it’s called juicy, it’s sticky more than anything.

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