Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace BonBon

So here’s another from the Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace Collection – Bold Brights.

Lip Glace BonBon 001

BonBon Lip Glace is actually a slightly darker shade of peach or a muted pink-orange. I loved this because it’s my HG MLBB. There was a time this was the only lip gloss I would wear wherever, whenever until I realized I have other lip products to use.

Lip Glace BonBon 002

Lip Glace BonBon 003

Lip Glace BonBon 004v2

Similar to Grenadine, this is not tacky but stays on for a good three hours on my lips then I get a natural pink stain. See this shade on my FOTN: Farming and tanking night. I ♥ that look. Hihi~

The couple of Lip Glaces I’ve tried so far haven’t dried my lips, but they’re not very much hydrating. So when the gloss is gone, I reapply right away even when there’s still a stain.

Btw, I know I said I would make up for the supposed week-long reviews of lip glosses. The memory card of my camera decided to go bonkers on me (making me lose a month’s worth of photos including those from my birthday), so I had to retake the lips photo above besides trying to get over the ‘loss.’

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