Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer

All these years wearing makeup, I never used a primer until recently. I want to make my makeup last longer and prevent oiliness for at least 6 hours. The weather and office conditions make my face produce more oil than it usually does. 😕 I consulted Google and found two options including this primer I’m about to review.

I would consider my other option in spite its high price tag, but I remembered I had a tester of the original Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. So I took that out, tried it, and was very impressed how it made my makeup look.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free, 50mL, PhP1550

I bought the oil free version, which I was hesitant at first. I was not sure it would work the same as the original, but the saleslady recommended this being I have oily skin.

To my relief, it is as good as the original.

  • Smoothens my face, which makes foundation go better
  • If it makes the foundation go better, the finish looks better as well.
  • Makes my makeup last longer and look as good as when I put on makeup even after hours.
  • Light on skin and not tacky
The finish has some sheen, but that does not affect the rest of the makeup.

There are a couple of differences I noticed between this and the regular primer. First is the watery/runny consistency of the oil free primer. The regular one is still tenuous, but not runny–Like a thin cream. Sometimes the oil free primer has pre-cumexcess liquid (Idk what it is) like with some foundations when you don’t use them for a while. 😆 The other difference is how long it sinks to the skin. The oil free doesn’t dry that quick, so I do other things like prepare my outfit or put on body lotion then resume my makeup when it feels it has already sunk in my skin.

Both differences I noticed aren’t cons, btw. Only fyi when you want to try the product. 🙂

There was a time I put on foundation without primer and it’s just not the same. A primer is now a staple in in my makeup routine. 🙂

Laura Mercier is available in some Rustan’s department stores.

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