L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil

I got too occupied with the elections, that’s why I only had one post in the last few days. There has been so much anger and frustration besides the lot of cussing during this election. People have forgotten the Golden Rule. 🙁 Anyway, I hate to bring down the mood here too.

Recently, I bought the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. I read a positive review on it from another beauty blog–forgot whose as usual–so I bought it when I saw it at SM Makati. The persuasion is stronger when you see only three bottles left. LOL!

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil

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A potent blend from 6 precious flower extracts, the Extraordinary Oil is the ultimate hair care solution. Hair is luxuriously nourished and richly protected for hair that is sumptuously smooth, radiantly shiny with an ultra-lightweight non-greasy finish.

The oil has six flower extracts: Lotus, tiare, rose, flax, chamomile, and sunflower.

Its multiple uses as stated on its packaging:

Distribute 2-3 pumps onto palm and apply:

– As a spa treatment to restore, nourish and prep hair for washing, apply a generous amount of oil onto dry hair before washing and applying shampoo conditioner.
– On towel-dried hair (before blow drying) to detangle, protect hair and speed up drying time.
– On dry hair before heat styling to protect and add luxurious shiny finish.
– Throughout the day as a lightweight finishing touch and to refresh hair witha subtle oil fragance.

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I used it first as a spa treatment. I thought it would be pointless as it might get easily washed off by shampoo, but I could still feel the oil on my hair after after I showered. That might be good for those with dry scalp & hair, but my scalp gets oily some time in the day. On the other hand, my strands are often dry, so that’s good, but I hated how it made my oily scalp worse. I thought my hair was still wet, which was odd with the heat, but after an hour… I knew it was only the oil.

Before I go about with what I like about it, I’ll start with the cons:

  • The glass bottle gives it an expensive look and feel, but not good for travel.
  • Weighs down my hair when I use it to tame my mane (and to detangle & protect hair)
  • Pricier than other hair oils I’ve used at PhP550
  • As mentioned earlier, I cannot use it as spa treatment because it makes my scalp oilier

The pros:

  • I ♥ its smell of flowers; reminds me of the fresh after bath feeling and of expensive perfume
  • The glass bottle comes with a pump and has good control for how much you only need
  • Keeps my hair from being all over XD; It tames my hair; keeps it frizz-free

What would keep me from buying this again is that it makes my scalp oilier and my hair feeling weighed down, although it does an amazing job in preventing frizz. I’ll probably continue to use this maybe some time in the rainy season because the heat might not be helping. Hopefully it would work better for my hair then.

I would recommend this for those with dry to very dry hair & scalp.

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