My mascara summer pick, so far

My previous mascara was Maybelline’s The Hyper Curl Mascara. Regardless of sweat and my oily face, it stays put without smudging or flaking. It did get flaky eventually, but might be because it has gotten dry and needs to be replaced. I would get another of it because we all know how it’s so easy on the wallet, right? But I want another option (and probably better) that can resist this summer heat.

I ended up at the L’Oreal stall at SM Makati’s (HUGE) beauty section as I searched for a mascara. L’Oreal had items discounted at 20%, but the mascara I found and then bought was 50% off. 🙂 It’s the False Lash Butterfly Waterproof Mascara.

L'Oreal False Lash Butterfly Waterproof 20160409_110756

This was a recommendation in a beauty blog, which I forgot the name of now ^^;;;, so I decided to get it.

I was doubtful in the beginning with the plastic wand. I thought it didn’t seem to hold enough product to apply on my lashes. And it really doesn’t. It takes me many application to get the volume I want. Annoying if you’re often in a hurry for work, for instance. Though, the wand’s bristles is great for separating lashes and removing clumps and bits of mascara, so it doesn’t matter how much I apply. The formula doesn’t weigh down my eyelashes either. It gives a little bit of length that will still not hit your glasses. (I wear glasses a lot lately, so lengthening mascaras are no good for me.) The tiny bristles part also works wonderfully on the lower lashes.

L'Oreal False Lash Butterfly Waterproof 20160409_110847

I haven’t experienced smudging and flaking and it doesn’t disappear through hours of wear. There was a weekend I was out for more than 12 hours and the mascara was still there. I thought I already looked like a panda, but nope. 🙂 That’s amazing staying power.

The mascara _is_ waterproof, yet not difficult to remove and neither messy. The makeup remover I currently use is the Biore Perfect Remover Cleansing Oil.

No doubt I recommend this mascara for its amazing staying power among other pros, but if you think you don’t often have so much time to apply mascara for the desired volume then this is not for you. Is it better than the Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara? In regards to volume and staying power, yes, but the Hyper Curl can give volume in just a couple of applications.

The regular price of the L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Waterproof mascara is around PhP650.

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