L’Oreal Naturals – Brow shader and trio eyeshadow

A friend asked me to fill up a survey which was about, if I remember right, makeup and hair care. After I submitted my completed survey, I was given some L’Oreal products. I don’t remember all what I received, but this was one of them.

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones001v2_zpse35264b8.jpg
L’Oreal – (Made for Me) Naturals

I’ve had this palette for years. Yep, I still use it.

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones002v2_zps9e5dac29.jpg

The palette consists of a brow shader and trio eyeshadow.

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones003v2_zpscf573fa1.jpg
This is the nearest to how the shades look irl.

 photo LOrealNaturals-GodenFairSkintones004v2_zps04924fd9.jpg

The colors have no names as seen on the back of the palette, so I made swatches side by side the shadows.

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones005-LeftIndoorv2_zpse7989e03.jpg
Left shades of the palette – Indoor shot

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones005-LeftOutdoorv2_zpsa9ab7ba5.jpg
Under natural light

Irl, the brow shader (or shade A) isn’t such a harsh looking brown. I might have swatched too much also. 😛 It is deep brown; near the color of cocoa. The shade has shimmers on the palette, but it is completely matte when applied. I don’t use brow shaders because I believe my eyebrows are fine. I only use this if I want to darken my outer/V-crease. On the bottom is shade C, which is a light-medium brown that’s sheen when applied. This is very near my skintone. I build it up when I apply to make it stand out a bit.

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones006-RightIndoorv2_zps4c7401f5.jpg
Shadows on the right side of the palette – Indoor shot

Shade B is a very light beige that is also sheen. I think I would prefer a matte highlighter for this palette to stay true to the natural look.

The last shade, D, is a lighter version of the brow shader but not as pure matte. Color is buildable that you have to be careful when applying unless you want a night, smokey-eye look in daytime.

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones006-RightOutdoorv2_zps8c3e4ed9.jpg
And under natural lighting

I only use this palette when I get too busy to think of what eyeshadows to use or put on. What I dislike with this is that it creases even with an eyeshadow primer. Even if I build up shade C. Also, the palette’s casing makes it rather heavy to keep in my beauty kit.

Makeup n00bs might wanna try this palette for practice. Or, if you prefer a natural look for day-to-day or office that you can also make a smokey-eye look with. I wouldn’t recommend this for those with oily lids. Mine is not really oily, but it gets so during very warm days.

Everyone can get this for a price that might not hurt your wallet a lot since L’Oreal is a drugstore brand. 🙂

Here’s how I use it usually for work, but yesterday I had it on before I met up with a girl friend. I was lazy to go to my room and choose from my eyeshadows.

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones007v2_zpsea5235d4.jpg

 photo LOrealNaturals-GoldenFairSkintones008v2_zps441df702.jpg

Please excuse the puffy eyes and the sickly-looking lips. I had no lipstick/gloss on. Also, I noticed just now the black speck on my left eye.

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