Makeup tips session from Bobbi Brown

I had an opportunity to have a free makeup lesson at Bobbi Brown thanks to the voucher I received from Zara. And I was able to avail it just a few days before its expiry. ^^; I almost thought it wasn’t meant to be.


The MUA, before he removed my make up, asked if I did mine. When I said yes, he said I’m actually good. Awww shucks~ *blushes* I told him I only know how. 😛

20140627_213002 20140627_213009

Since I didn’t have plans that night, the MUA only did an everyday look for me. I learned so much including that my undereyes are darkening again — OH NOES! — And especially on concealing. I actually wanted to have the boyfriend made up so I can just watch and learn, but the boyfran wouldn’t give in. Here’s the finished makeover. Taken three to four hours after and in my pajammies:

Bobbi Brown Makeup Tips 001-002
I don’t like the concealer done under my eyes. 🙁

It was tough not to get anything YET from the store. I had to test the products used first too. So far, I like the BB Cream SPF 35 because it kept the oiliness of my face at bay especially on the tzone. Second, the Natural Brow Shaper and Hair Touch Up. Works for my unruly brows. Definitely getting that. And the most commendable is the eyeshadow primer or the Long-Wear Eye Base. So much amaze! The eyeshadow and liner stayed put for more than 12 hours without transferring and creasing.

I must budget for those items. Bobbi Brown fans, can you vouch for those products for me? 🙂

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