Maybelline Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip

I got the Maybelline Makeup Remover for free with a purchase of all the Maybelline Fruit Jelly lip glosses.

Maybelline Make-up Remover
Maybelline Makeup Remover in 40mL

This makeup remover is almost transparent until shaken which turns to blue for a minute or two. Like clean water, it is transparent in cotton and doesn’t have any smell. Having no scent assures it is gentle on the eyes. When I use this, I only do two or three squeezes. I soak the cotton more if I have eyeliner on. One wipe removes about 95% of the eye makeup. I have only tested this once on the lips and it removed all the lipstick in just one wipe. But my lipstick was near gone before I removed it. Because this is Maybelline, I expected that it will remove the Maybelline Magnum Volum’Express right away. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

Most of the time it feels like I am wiping with a dry cotton that it hurts my lids a little. You need more than one wipe with this to totally remove the eye makeup. I guess I need to soak the cotton more. It is good though that it hardly leaves my skin wet and feeling greasy. It does not sting the eyes too. The plastic bottle and tight cap makes it great for traveling.

Based on online research, the makeup remover comes in 40mL and 70mL. The 40mL bottle costs PhP99 while the bigger one is PhP199. I have yet to know if the prices are still the same.

The Maybelline Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip is great if you are on a tight budget although soaking the cotton more will make you consume a bottle more quickly especially if used very often. It is also great for travel and if you are not always on the go or in a hurry. I am still undecided whether or not I shall purchase this, but I find this isn’t really cost-efficient if more than how I soak the cotton is needed. Maybe I would if the situation calls for it like when I’m on the road and it’s the only remover available.

Maybelline is available in Landmark, SM Department Store, and Watsons.

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