Maybelline Yellow Corrector

Maybelline Yellow Corrector 001

My Mum and I were invited to my Aunt’s wedding in Chicago. I wasn’t into makeup then, but at the last minute I thought I should look good in her wedding. I needed at least cover my dark circles, so I got the Maybelline Yellow Corrector out of tight budget.

Maybelline Yellow Corrector 003

Oh wait, I think I got this from Ulta using a coupon. Haha~ I don’t remember. 😛

Maybelline Yellow Corrector 002

This stick concealer is for my everyday use. It gives decent coverage yet there’s a need to reapply after a few hours. After some time did I learn this is one of those that will turn the dark circles to white. I’m sure you have seen night shots of girls with eyes like that. So shameful and scary to look at! Then did I learn that such concealers require foundation. 🙂 Of course, you need a foundation that blends well with your skin color unless we’re aiming for a Geisha look. XD;

Maybelline Yellow Corrector 004

I also apply under and sides my nose to hide fine red lines.

Maybelline Yellow Corrector 005

I took pictures without using the flash thus the not-so-good quality. 😛 Here’s one picture taken with a flash of after evenly applying the corrector under the eyes:

Maybelline Yellow Corrector 006

Why do I like this concealer even if it doesn’t provide decent and longer time of coverage? Being that it’s cheap, it won’t be too _painful_ to use it everyday. 😛 Then there’s no need to worry about space and additional weight when you want to bring it wherever.

Less than a fourth of the stick is left and I still haven’t decided if I will buy again. Maybe if I can’t find a cheap alternative with better application then I shall buy again.

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