Michelle Phan: Lancôme’s Video Makeup Artist

My, was I surprised to see Michelle Phan as Lancôme’s first video makeup artist. I have been a fan of Lancôme even though I don’t have much their products. They’re very expensive locally. But based on what I have, I must say that their items are worth buying. Now I just need a budget. Haha~ Anyway, I was looking for the Color Design Matte Lipstick in the Lancôme’s official website. I didn’t find the lipstick yet that’s where I saw the small ad of Michelle Phan on the top of the website. Her first video under Lancôme is the Romantic Valentine’s Day Date look:

I don’t have to explain why or where I discovered her since that’s pretty much obvious. Being affiliated with Lancôme at her age is just amazing.

Edit: had to fix link because video was moved from Michelle Phan’s YT to Lancome’s YouTube account

  1. Michelle is not a makeup artist or licensed skincare expert,she’s just like a girl who got used to play with makeup on her own face and become more handy than someone who only put makeup on once in awhile.I come to many Lancome’s counters and the makeup artists show me what exactly right to use after analized and tested my skin with tester and samples before i decide that one is FOR ME .And how they show me to apply makeup on my face is FOR ME.Since Lancome is on the market for decades,this is the first time they use an amateur makeup artist just because she’s popular on Youtube.She’s popular because she showed techniques using affordable products so i’m not sure about MichellePhan for Lancome.Most of her makeup looks are not wearable,I have two teendaughters and wouldn’t allow or encourage them to go for Michelle’s look:too wild and unnatural,she looks like someone else when done.Makeup is to enhence beauty,not to transform the faces with layers of makeups.Skincare products need to be recommended by trained and licensed experts,not by THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.I think Lancome should promote their many experient “on counter” artists who more familiar with Lancomes for those job positions,better than MichellePhan with no knowledge of their products or skincare at all.I use Lancome makeup daily,but won’t buy the products because Michelle advertised them.Speaking of advertising,she has a voice that can’t convince women to buy anything.Sorry,i look into Michelle be cause my girls are into Youtube gurus (18&17yrs o).Please don’t judge my comment as from a hater as she always said so.Unfortunately, most young girls come to mom to pay for what they’ll buy,right?

    1. Okay uhm yea I’m 12 and my mom ENCOURAGES me to follow michelle pahn look’s. Michelle is amazing and if you watched HER LANCOME ONE A MONTH VIDEOS u would prob understand that. ~ Gabby ( P.S I wore her ” Electric zoo ” makeup to school on friday. 🙂 ~GABBYY

    2. in this comment you seem like a snob. Michelle is not trying to get people to wear her looks everyday, and judging by the video above she does have wearable tutorials

  2. I have to agree and disagree of what teen’s mom has to say. Agree because some of the things she say is a bit true. But disagree, because she has to know that all of Michelle make-up video did have a particular topic to when or where to apply those product. Most of her video is about how to put on different style of make-up in special occasion not daily use. It’s not like she is forcing those teens to use them, she was just suggesting/ telling her viewers the product she use on these occasion. And if you request for her to do a make-up video of natural wear than i bet she would be willingly love to help- if she had time.

    And I don’t mind if anyone dislike this comment because all I know is that everyone has different tastes, either in style, type, and product.

    1. Kudos to you for reading that comment because I could hardly understand what she said. *lol* I am with you in your disagreement, but not with what your agreement. Which part of what she said is true? People may look at her tutorials for what she’s teaching/giving tips on and not only for the products she uses. I can’t always afford Lancome, but I know where I can get an alternative that suits my face. :/

  3. I just wrote my last comment with my real thoughts about Michelle’s Phan’s ability to push advertisement for Lancome.I hope she can improve her ways to be real successful with her career.As I said,my daughters enjoy all makeup gurus and I have no reason to hate a young lady on Youtube.I just put my concerns for Lancome cosmetic company because it is on the market for so long being known as a high class cosmetic line.I saw Michelle Phan’s picture for Lancome advertisements,she looks so low class and old in those picture as they showed everything about how her skin really is.I thought Lancome should reconsider how they post the models for their products.I don’t mean to criticize Michelle Phan because it’s Lancome who post those pictures,not her.That eye makeup is not wearable and it’s not Halloween yet.They should have waited until October.I’m blaming Lancome because they didn’t spot her pictures for claws before they post them to the public.I honestly feel bad for Michelle Phan because Lancome could do better with her pictures than that.Maybe they thought her fans would copy anything she does to her face?

    1. Wow! You sound just a tad bitter….actually it’s border line pathetic. Your ranting about a twenty two year old kid who puts on make-up as if she is giving lessons on youtube to young girls on how to hit the stripper pole! It’s just makeup lady. I bet you have a secret door stashed with cover girl make up two years old.

  4. I don’t like Michellephan makeup looks that much anymore because she’s getting clumsy and careless with her technics as she ran out of ideas so she creats some different,weird looks that i can wear them.Yeah,i watch makeup tutorials from all gurus to mix all their ideas but i can’t afford Lancome so i use what ever on sale at drugstore for the same eyeshadows colors/shade and my makeups turn out fine.My mom uses some of Lancome’s skincare stuffs tho.


    1. Your comment is the reason to chase customer like me to walk away from Lancome.Michelle Phan has the abillity of a gang leader,she sends fans like you to go all over the internet and curse of Lancome loyal customers.

      You have to face that Michelle Phan is not a makeup artist,her skills and makeups are just for herself to wear.Have you seen any of her video that shows she demonstrate on a model?

      Sorry,I know her fans don’t buy Lancome,just go around raving her and insult Lancome’customers with the same old song you sang in you comment.

  6. alexis you are a perfect example of typical michelle phan minions that can’t handle truth criticism. “hate” “jealous” those words are thrown around way too much. They have their opinion and you call them “jealous” because of that pathetic.

    1. I am very amused by the use of “minions” and the fact that most of the comments are made of GRAMMAR FAIL. All would be forgiven if the comments are enlightening. But, no…


  7. what i can say is that she is great… she may not be a formal make up artist but she inspired women in some way esp looking good…

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