Mosbeau bloggers event


Today marks the first skin care event the ladies will go to.

Mosbeau Philippines will have small bloggers briefing and interview with Mosbeau President Mr. Gerford Balderas and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mitsuharu Hayashi. They will be discussing about ways on how Japanese products revolutionized skin care.


Mosbeau is created for the perfection of skin whitening, customized for the Asian skin. Offered and Made in Japan, all Mosbeau products are developed from high-quality, proven safe and effective ingredients in Japan like Placental Protein, Collagen, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract, Vitamin C and Glutathione.

To those who are going, see you there!

    1. Hi Ron, I’ve only been using the product for 4 days so I’m no expert, and I have seen no changes to me either. We’d all just have to wait for the subtle changes to be noticeable. Besides, they never promised a dramatic transformation from dark to whiter skin. Patience is the key here, and continued usage (unless there’s an adverse effect on you?).

  1. do u know if their other products work like their white evolution series, gluthawhite body lotion, glutawhite body soap… etc?

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