Mosbeau whitening products

I blogged about my Monday adventure that includes the Mosbeau event here. I won’t be discussing about the event itself here anymore since Karen has already filled you in on the details. 🙂 Joiz and I would be the guinea pigs of the Mosbeau whitening products. I only got to open last Friday the documentations and freebies Mosbeau gave.

Fliers and documentations
Documentations and CD

I have yet to read those. 😛 These are the freebies:

Whitening products

(For my reference) I started using the cream that day. The cream is for underarms and inner thighs, but can also be used on other dark areas like elbows, areolas, knees, or wherever there is skin friction. 🙂 It’s already been 5 days and I think I see some results. Nothing dramatic, but I do see it. There’s still about a week left to see a very noticeable change. I should have taken a picture first before using the cream. Oh well, I do hope the cream lives up to what it promises to do. 😛

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