My current skin care — All from Usana Sensé

Usana Skin Care
My current skincare — Sensé — All from Usana

Usana Skin Care 002

Here’s another quite an overdue post… A couple of from these skin care products are nearly empty. LOL!

Sensé Gentle Daily Cleanser

Gentle Daily Cleaner 001

  • Gently cleanses skin without stripping
  • Removes makeup, oil, and pollution
  • Adds moisture back

Gentle Daily Cleaner 002

Gentle Daily Cleaner 003

The Gentle Daily Cleanser is the first cleanser I’ve used that is applied on dry face. At first I wasn’t sure if it was really cleaning my face, but, yeah it does. This is my most favorite amongst these products. The smell is the only thing I’m not fond of. It was tolerable at first until I had to not breathe through my nose while I was applying this. No, the cleanser didn’t turn bad. I just couldn’t tolerate the scent any longer.

Gentle Daily Cleaner 004

Sensé Hydrating Toner

Hydrating Toner 001

  • Prepares skin to receive the most from the Sensé™ moisturizers
  • Removes lingering debris
  • Soothes and balances skin’s pH
  • Refines and minimizes the appearance of pores

Hydrating Toner 002

This toner does a great job removing any makeup residues and dirt making my face feel cleaner and fresher. I’ve tried to apply the moisturizers without this and I find this step 2 very important especially before the night moisturizer. It has a gel-like consistency and a better, more tolerable scent. I find this easier to apply with a cotton ball than a cotton pad.

Hydrating Toner 003

Sensé Perfecting Essence

Perfecting Essence 001

Perfecting Essence 002

  • Visibly improves skin clarity and radiance
  • Smoothes skin’s surface for an even complexion
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Perfecting Essence 003

The Perfect Essence helps clear my skin from any blemishes and quickly dries out/cures pimples. My face has less redness and discoloration thanks to this. The boyfran also said my face looks brighter since I started using these skin care, so this might be why. 🙂

Perfecting Essence 004

Sensé Daytime Protective Emulsion with Sunscreen

Daytime Protective Emulsion with Sunscreen 001

Daytime Protective Emulsion with Sunscreen 002

  • Helps fortify skin from visible effects of sun damage
  • Helps Prevent Sunburn
  • If used as directed with other sun protection measures, decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun
  • Lightweight formula
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth

Daytime Protective Emulsion with Sunscreen 004

I can say that this moisturizer does what it does — Protect my face from any sun damage or sunburn. When I play Ingress on a sunny day or go out around noon for lunch with co-workers, my face hasn’t gotten dark. This daytime moisturizer is lightweight and it’s okay to use under makeup.

Daytime Protective Emulsion with Sunscreen 003

Sensé Night Renewal Creme

Night Renewal Creme 001

Night Renewal Creme 003

  • Replenishes essential hydration
  • Assists/activates skin’s natural recovery process overnight
  • Soothing, nutrient-rich formula

Night Renewal Creme 004

The nighttime moisturizer keeps my face hydrated all night long until morning. It’s good actually, but I think my face ends up feeling and looking oily as though my face hasn’t absorbed the moisturizer. At least it doesn’t break me out.

Night Renewal Creme 002

Honestly, I don’t trust products that come from a direct-selling company. But this was given to me because the person who had these wasn’t using them even though said person paid a huge price. I didn’t want them to go to waste either so why not use ’em. If this breaks my skin, then I could just stop and return to my regular skin care products. Thankfully they didn’t break me out. As mentioned, my favorite among these would be the Gentle Daily Cleanser. I’m almost out of it, sadly. Anyway, if you have access to these products, I suggest giving them a shot. 🙂

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