My makeup changer – The Real Techniques Core Collection

As soon as I used Real Techniques brushes, I must say my makeup has changed — Better and almost flawless. 😉

Real Techniques Core Collection 001

Real Techniques Core Collection 002

I ♥ this Core Collection! Read on to find out why.

Real Techniques Core Collection 003

The Real Techniques Core Collection includes four brushes and a brush stand which I forgot I had. I’ll have to use that in my next trip.

Real Techniques Core Collection 004

I don’t think I’ll be displaying my brushes like this since those straps that hold the brushes are tight. If I pull one, the stand will just fall off.

Real Techniques Core Collection 012

Buffing Brush

Real Techniques Core Collection 005 Buffing Brush

Now my favorite brush. I used this with my blushes, so far, and I find it great to use with very pigmented ones. Its bristles are very soft; doesn’t prick my skin like most of my blush brushes do. They are still soft even after several washes and hadn’t shed even once.

Real Techniques Core Collection 006 Buffing Brush

Detailer Brush

Real Techniques Core Collection 007 Detailer Brush

I use this mainly for highlighting my browbone an inner corner of the eyes. I could use my fingers for those, but using this is better.

Pointed Foundation Brush

Real Techniques Core Collection 008 Pointed Foundation Brush

The Pointed Foundation Brush is very dense which makes it easy to apply foundation. The bristles size is good enough for my face.

Real Techniques Core Collection 009 Pointed Foundation Brush

This is my least used brush. I used this when I first tried all the brushes and when I went to Switzerland. Foundation brushes are the most difficult to wash in my experience. I double or triple soak this in a brush cleaner or twice in a dishwashing liquid. I spread the bristles to make sure any dried foundation is removed. It’s time consuming as much as applying foundation with it. Using fingers is faster.

Contour Brush

Real Techniques Core Collection 011 Contour Brush

My most favorite among the four. I now enjoy putting on bronzer and highlighter because of this brush.

Real Techniques Core Collection 010 Contour Brush

It helps create the right contour and shade I want. Blending with it is a breeze. Having this made me realize how it is important to have brushes that’s designed for their purpose. Imagine, if I used the buffing brush above, I think my contour will be messy and bad. ^^

I bought the Core Collection from The Ramp, Glorietta, Makati for only PhP1250 I think. I guess it’s around that price. That’s already a steal for four quality brushes. I don’t know why I held off buying this set or not getting even one brush. Quality is great — No shedding, bristles are not prickly, and the gold handles add more class. To some especially students this could be expensive, but it’s worth saving up for. Don’t settle with face brushes that may harm your skin with prickly bristles. Your skin will thank you in the long run. 😉

Maybe my next purchase would be a Beauty Blender. :3 Readers in the Philippines, please let me know where I can find this instead of a dupe. Thanks in advance! <3

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