My Nivea summer essentials

It should be the rainy season now, yet we still do have days with scorching heat. I hope this could still be of reference for you all concerned with getting an ugly tan or. XD

Over the later part of the supposedly summer season (the weather is confusing really), I finally decided to purchase two body lotions for whitening and protection of my skin.

Summer Essentials 20140521_092902

I’ll begin first with the Nivea Sun Invisible Protection Transparent Spray SPF30. 🙂 I really should have bought one earlier before I went to Quezon plus the photowalks and Ingress playing. I had a sunscreen (for kids), but it eventually feels gross on my skin especially when mixed with sweat. I bought the smallest bottle I have seen of the spray which can be easy or hassle to bring around. It can obviously fit in my office bag, but it can be an added weight. Ah, for vanity I shall endure. XD; The sunscreen is definitely not greasy as it claims. What I dislike is the scent because it smells like a typical sunscreen though the smell only lingers briefly. Also, its spray can be slightly difficult to press especially when you already have the sunscreen on your hands.

The next item is the Niven Sun Whitening in SPF30. I use this and the abovementioned before heading off to the office. I have used a nearly similar product (and I say similar because it was also by Nivea). It worked for me that’s why I had no second thoughts getting this one. I haven’t seen obvious results yet, but my skin wasn’t as dark as it was few weeks ago. This is also moisturizing. Again, its scent is my only problem with it.

My mini portable fan deserves mentioning too. Hihi~ 😀 I bought it years ago and was barely used. I decided to use it again when the electricity went out some weeks ago. I found it while I was looking for a fan. It still works, thankfully, although I’m having some problems making it run. ^^;;; I always use this while on transit.

Anyway, Nivea is available almost anywhere — From department stores to supermarkets. I got mine at The Landmark Makati with an estimate damage of PhP600 to PhP700. As for the fan, I found it in Rockwell Power Plant Mall. Probably Dimensione or a similar store.

I should have made a single post for the Clinique Super City Block and these items, but I thought the City Block deserves its own post. 🙂

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