My wants list including some upcoming releases

All these are high-end products 🙂

Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

This neutrals e/s palette is Laura Mercier’s release for this spring. When I saw the palette, I wanted it right away. Honestly, I had no idea it hasn’t been released yet at the time I first saw this. I went to the store to look for it. The saleslady told me they don’t have it yet, of course. Now I find out it was released only a few days ago.

I searched for swatches online. The e/s do look similar to some of those in the Holiday 2013 Collection palette I have, but I still want it because Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows are buildable, pigmented, and doesn’t crease on my oily lids. But from the couple of reviews I saw, the palette seems to be a disappointment. I do not trust much the other reviewer, but the other one who also find Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows to work very well for her didn’t give this a good review.

Lancome Juicy Shaker

I think Lancome has been promoting this item for weeks before they actually released it. I was so envious when they had an event where guests (even bloggers) got to try this before the rest of the world. ~_~

I began to like Lily Collins after seeing Love, Rosie. :) She's pretty.
I began to like Lily Collins after seeing Love, Rosie. 🙂 She’s pretty.

Sephora shops already has this since March, I think. Now, when will these Juicy Shakers arrive here?

Doesn't the blue one make you curious?
Doesn’t the blue one make you curious?

MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection

MAC Good Luck Trolls 01

Mac will be releasing a Good Luck Trolls Collection some time in August 2016 (I’m unsure if this would be released locally). The colors are inspired by, uhh, Trolls. 😛 So expect some really wild colors in the collection, but I read they’re re-promotes. I think this release is also because of the movie coming out some time this year too. As I used to be a humble collector of Trolls when I was kid, I can’t _not_ want this. 🙂

MAC Good Luck Trolls 02

Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass Collection

"We're all made here." (Image from
“We’re all made here.”
(Image from

This. I want the eye shadow palette mainly because I have the first one, but I barely used many of the shades from that. So, this could be an excessive buy IF I get the opportunity, since these collections do fly off the shelves quickly once they’re out. The lipsticks though… I think I might prefer them over the palette. Oh goodness, so hard to decide!

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder

Guerlain Terrocotta Bronzing Powder

Bronzing and contouring has made a difference in my makeup. My face becomes less dull, flat (because I have fair skin), and gives me a healthier look. I use/d three bronzers and contours and now I want this classic bronzer. I ♥ that it’s actually a huge compact. Since I won’t be using this beyond my face, I doubt I could use it up quickly. Its huge price point would be worth it.

So those are all my current wants. This list is so to remind me of which I want to get… Or should forget. 😛 Because the Good Luck Trolls and Through the Looking Glass collections might not become available here. If the former does, well, I doubt I could even get even a single lipstick from it. I have bad luck with MAC here despite requesting the MAC counter ladies to contact me for availability of the items I want.

The Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder is the only one available that I know of, which I can purchase any time.

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