NARS Eyelash Curler

Nothing grand or even glam for my first post this year.

I meant to publish today’s review sometime in the last week of December, but I was busy and (mentally) exhausted to blog. Anyway, this may not be grand or glam, but at least I’m already blogging at the start of the year. 😀

I was never a fan of eyelash curlers. Be it by me or another person, my eyelids would often get pinched or my eyelashes don’t really curl up. So I didn’t bother anymore until I got to use an eyelash curler again when I had my makeup done in my favorite store. Curled up lashes really do make a difference.

I used to own a Revlon eyelash curler I purchased from a dollar store. It was chunky and made of plastic. The curvature was too deep or almost round that it wasn’t a good fit for my lids. It can’t even grab many of my lashes. Its rubber padding became sticky, so my lashes stick to them. Really terrible! I thought that if I were to buy an eyelash curler again, never again from the dollar store. What was I thinking? What was I expecting? *facepalms*

I didn’t buy the eyelash curler I used at my favorite store, but instead, I bought from NARS.

The eyelash curler has the right curvature for my lids and grabs all my lashes (from what I can tell) in just one go. It is in matte black (like most of NARS’ products) and feels very light yet durable. It’s ergonomic; my thumb and middle finger fit comfortably and I don’t have to press hard to curl my lashes.

The local price is, surprisingly, only Php85. I expected it to be more expensive or similar to the conversion of its USD price of 20. It also comes with one pad replacement. Idk how durable the rubber pad is and how long it will last, but I use the eyelash curler almost daily and clean it properly after every use as instructed and haven’t noticed any wear yet.

I wish I have the popular Shu Uemura eyelash curler to compare. But I did my research to know if there are others who also like this eyelash curler as I do. I discovered that some who do like this are those who didn’t like the Shu Uemura one because the latter has deeper curvature.

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