Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish Clear Mask

I posted in IG the Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Solutions Clear Mask (and with it on my face LOL!) and here are my thoughts on it. 🙂

I had no idea it was an activated carbon mask, so I was surprised it was color black. It is also the first mask I tried that was the right size for my face unlike others, which makes easy to put on.

The mask is best for skin that is acne-prone, oily, and has large pores, but it is suitable for all skin types. Its purpose is to absorb excess oil and prevent appearance of acne, balance oil & water secretion, clean and tighten pores, hydrate and soothe skin, and reduce dullness.

Here’s the back of the packaging for contents and application directions:

Naruko Tea Tree Face Mask 20160417_044813

I used the mask before bed and had it on for 10 minutes. I worried how my face might look when I remove the mask because it had a very odd smell but faded after about minute. Many would be turned off by this product only because of the smell.

When I removed the mask, it didn’t leave any residues. My face felt smooth and hydrated and my skin brightened as though I just woke up.

My skin is very oily every time I wake up, yet this kept the oiliness at bay. I finally experienced having ‘normal’ skin. XD; My face was back to being oily after a shower. Boo!

I think this will be good to use prior makeup; to really brighten the face & fool others you had a good beauty sleep. 😀 I would try again to see how long it could keep my face from getting oily throughout the day, but the smell is really a turn off. 🙁 I would have recommend this since it does what it claims, but maybe for those who could hold their breath for a minute…? LOL!

The Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish Clear Mask is PhP79/sheet and available at SM Makati where I got mine.

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