Nu-Pore Make-up Remover

Last month, Jan and I went on an unplanned shopping at Japan Home Center. What I really wanted was those small resealable plastics like Ziplock, but I ended up getting Care Bears and make-up remover wipes.

Nu-Pore Make-up Remover

There were only two packs left, so Jan took the other. I couldn’t forget how she took the Care Bears wipes from me because she thought it was unfair that I had both. When I got another set of Care Bears and Nu-Pore wipes, she was one happy girl. XD;

I forgot how much the Nu-Pore wipes cost me. It was either PhP66 or PhP88. Even if it was PhP88, I still find it cheap. 24 Wipes for less than $2 isn’t bad, right?


For something cheap, I was surprised how it can effectively remove eye makeup in just a single wipe. I guess it depends on how thickly layered the eyeshadows are. I also use an eye primer which makes it supposedly harder to remove. It quickly removes foundation, concealer, BB Cream (what’s left of it on my face *lol*), and dirt too. Several wiping must be done for very pigmented and sticky lipsticks.

The wipes are hypoallergenic even if it’s scented and, true enough, there is no need to wash face. What I only dislike is its smell. The aloe vera scent is so strong that it hurts my nose.


The Nu-Pore wipes are best for on-the-go ladies. It’s just the smell… The smell! DX

Again, you can buy these in any Japan Home Center and should set you back for only PhP66 or PhP88.

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