On my nails right now – The orange/coral Gwin by Zoya

Zoya Gwin was introduced in the Reverie Collection 2010. Gwin is orange or coral-toned and iridescent of green and gold. I didn’t think I would love this color when I bought it with two other Zoya nail polishes, which were supposed to be the only polishes I wanted to get. My friend Phoebe insisted I also get Gwin and I remember the Beauty & Butter attendant being an enabler (I don’t mean that negatively). LOL

20160224_065744 Zoya - Gwin

The consistency isn’t too think or thin, which makes the application just heaven. I’m right-handed, so the nail polishes on my right hand nails are fail–Uneven and streaky. But this nail polish is almost fool-proof even with more than two coats. I ♥ it.

20160224_065806 Zoya - Gwin

I find this to be more red-orange after a fresh coat and eventually just orange as it slooooooowly fades. It stays on nearly chip-free for about a week and a half without topcoat. I think it would last longer if I apply more than two coats.

The Reverie Collection was released for spring 2010, but this and the rest in the collection look summer-y to me. That’s the reason I had econd thoughts using this shade. I know we only have two seasons (LOL!). It wouldn’t hurt to follow the trend. 😉 I hope the other shades are permenant because I would like Happi (bubblegum pink) and Reece (hot pink/fuschia). 🙂

I bought my Zoya Gwin from Beauty & Butter, SM Jazz branch. (Beauty & Butter links: Twitter, FB, Tumblr).

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