Paul & Joe and Ornamental Pressed Powder Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And late Christmas greetings to you pretty ladies! And maybe gents if there are some who accidentally stumbled upon this humble site. 🙂

I skipped all the Christmas/Holiday sets last year because of my very tight budget. Also, I still have lots of makeup that have yet to be used. There was also that trip last month where I had to save up for too. But those didn’t really keep me from buying at all. I bought some Paul & Joe cosmetics. There’s a (yearly) pop-up store near my workplace and they sold Paul & Joe really cheap amongst a vast selection of perfumes and eau de toilette.

I forgot where I put the mirror. (¯―¯٥)

I got a matte foundation, eyeshadows, a mirror, concealer, sample foundation (supposedly for my trip but ended up not using), lip glosses, and pressed face powder. This is the first time I’m to use Paul & Joe makeup. The first that I used among these is the Paul & Joe Ornamental Pressed Powder for alternate use with Laura Mercier Loose Powder because I love that, it’s my HG face powder, and I just don’t want to use it up quickly. 😛

Very pretty gold case with embossed flowers

The color of the case here is close to rl

The Paul & Joe Ornamental Pressed Powder contains 7g of matte and shimmer powders in a plastic gold compact embossed with flowers on top. The compact feels slightly cheap since it’s made of plastic, but I dropped this once and even slid off afar fro me. Everything was still intact.


Paul & Joe seems to have a wide variety of shades per makeup. Each shade is named with a three-digit number. Best to look at the labels properly. I made a mistake of taking a shade 100 when I wanted was 001. That was really frustrating because I went home excited only to find I have the wrong one. Gah~


Directions for use


A powder puff is included that I don’t use, but considering because the face brush that I bring often is big for my current vanity kit and heavy.


Under the puff is this very pretty plastic film cover. Pretty cute. 🙂


There’s matte and shimmer in this powder. I had second thoughts of buying this because of the shimmer, then the Clnique shimmery powder I had came into mind. I had wanted another shimmery powder. So here it is. I want some shimmers because it brightens up my face — Perfect for every day I wake up with a zombie-like face.

I used to retouch at least once on a regular work day. If I don’t, I get white patches on my face. The powder accumulates on the dry or oily parts. It’s not that visible yet I see them when I check my face up close. On a properly moisturized face, I can go by without retouching the whole day. I also found out it’s a match with my Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation No. 23. That’s what I like with the powder so far besides the pretty compact.


I don’t dislike the powder, but I don’t like it much either to fully recommend it. I think it will work better for those with normal skin and the shimmer may not be to everyone’s liking. I’m glad I didn’t get it at its original price. I’m not saying it’s supposed to be cheap, but — Refer to first sentence of this paragraph. 😛

All the makeup I bought are made from Japan. It made me think the brand is from there too because I see it too on Japanese fashion magazines. But the brand is actually French. The names are of the sons of the designer Sophie Mechaly.

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