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I’m sure this has happened to you too. You go to a mall and a saleslady comes up to you and asks if you need help with anything. You say you want to try [insert brand name here] and she just looks blankly at you or asks you to repeat the name. Then she realizes that you are referring to [insert brand name here] and subtly mentions the correct pronunciation of the brand while you, on the other hand, want the earth to swallow you whole. There’s no need to feel so embarrassed. Mispronunciation of brand names happens to the best of us, even the richest socialite!

To minimize embarrassing situations like the one above, I’ve compiled a list of brand pronunciations and also included ones that I know.

  • Majolica Majorca – Ma-jo-li-ka Ma-yor-ka (At least that’s how I pronounce it). The Japanese just call it Majo-majo.
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Iv san lo-ran
  • Shu Uemura – shoo oo-we-mu-ra
  • Borghese – bor-gay-zeh
  • Bourjois – bor-zhwa
  • L’Occitane en Province – lo-xi-tan on pro-vahns
  • Guerlain – ger-lan
  • Kevin Aucoin – Ke-vin Oh-kwon
  • Moschino – mos-ki-no
  • Laura Mercier – lo-ra mer-si-yey
  • Stila – stee-la
  • Lancome – lan-kom
  • Agent Provocateur – a-jen pro-vo-ka-toor
  • Chanel – sha-nel
  • Decleor – de-klay-or
  • Issey Miyake – i-sey mi-ya-ke
  • Versace – ver-sa-che

If you want to add to the list, have violent objections, or want to know the pronunciation of a product not in the list, just leave a comment.

Sources: Me, MakeUp Talk, Yahoo Shine, Bella Sugar

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  1. I can hardly pronounce L’Occitane en Province. ^^; How about Estee Lauder? I pronounce Estee as es-tey. That’s how I heard it from an official Estee Lauder makeup video tutorial.

  2. L’Occitane en Provence is pronounced lox-ee-tann un Pru-vons, but if you’re being uber French, the x is almost silent so it kind of sounds like loh-see-tan. Givenchy is jee-von-shee. Guerlain is geyr-la (the la in land, without the sound of the n and d, yes n in lain is practically silent). Christian Dior is kristyon d’yer. I’ve always thought Lancome is lawn(or lon)-kom. Nivea is ni-viya. L’Oreal Paris is lo-r’yal pah-ri. But Hermes is not er-me, it’s air-mez. La Mer is la-meh. La Prairie is lah-pri-ri. I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a lot of French brands but that’s all I can recall. lulz

      1. No problem 😀

        I was in Glorietta earlier this evening and came across Laura Mercier and remembered another brand that I have encountered once before: Chantecaille pronounced as shon-teh-kigh (kigh as in “high” but with a k).

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