Etude House’s Proof 10 Eye Primer

It was due to browsing beauty blogs did I discover about Etude House. The name sounded familiar. When I saw Lee Min Ho in one of Etude House’s ads did I remember where I saw Etude House — a cm of theirs with him in it. I didn’t think they’d land into Philippine shores.

The cuteness of the shop had me sold. I asked Jan that we visit in their one and only (but not for long) store in Megamall. Being that I was very poor at that time we went there, I only got to purchase one item:

Proof 10 Eye Primer
The Proof 10 Eye Primer

This is the first eye primer I tried, so I can’t give any comparison reviews. I’m a newbie on primers. Afaik, this is used to prevent obvious creases or skin lines. I’m a fan of eye makeup yet I haven’t even dared in using an eye primer! *shakes head* I must say, using a primer has helped prevent retouches and visible creases. A must for those with oily skin or those who easily sweat.

My face can get oily on some days. When I used this and noticed no creases, I was very happy. 🙂 I didn’t have to retouch too. The only downside is that the eyeshadow appears lighter so I have to apply on more. I’d rather have that than have oily lids and visible creases. The primer only costs PhP298. I highly suggest this for those primer newbies and those in a tight budget.

Btw, noticed the uber crumpled paperbag? *lol*

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