Really old nail polishes and a nail hardener

Because I’ve been buying nail polishes lately like they’re candy (LOL!), it’s about time I cull those I’ve kept for so many years and should have been disposed a long time ago too. I only have a few to throw anyway. Most of which are those really very affordable ones you find in department stores. I got these at The Landmark Makati.

Bobbie 139, Kohl, and 135
Left to right: Bobbie 139 (forest green with gold micro-glitters), Kohl (satin black), and 135 (silver with frost finish)

Bobbie Special Quick Dry
Bobbie Special Quick Dry

Bobbie nail polishes have been around for a long while, I noticed. I still see their products in The Landmark Makati only with a newer bottle design. Back then, their nail polishes cost between PhP18 to PhP25. They actually apply easily and well, as far as I remember, yet they sort of take a long time to dry. The 135 was slightly difficult to apply and the consistency thickens when I don’t close the bottle after every application. And I mean application in every single fingernail. The Special Quick Dry isn’t really quick drying. All it does is make an oily mess all over my toes and fingers.

Color Trends - Natural

Color Trends Heaven 'N Earth - Summer Sky

Color Trends is another of those very affordable brands. More affordable than Bobbie and quality isn’t that well, but they had better choices of fun, bright colors. I only got the (frost) sky blue though then the natural/regular nail polish because it was cheaper than Bobbie’s.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - Clear
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails – Clear

The Sally Hansen Hard as Nails was my must have because I ended up scratching my nails thin (on my right fingers) due to guitar-playing. My nails also got brittle because of the nail polishes. After a couple of uses, it definitely rescued my nails.

Salon Express - Burnt Metal
Salon Express – Burnt Metal

Salon Express’ Burnt Metal was the first and start of my liking copper-shade nail polishes. The Salon Express brand has a good brush applicator which makes application easy-peasy. The color was just wasn’t for me because it looked like it’s for older women. 😛

Teen's Fashion 21 N-67 001
Teen's Fashion 21 N-67

Teen's Fashion 21 N-67 002

I forgot how I got a bottle of Teen’s Fashion 21. I thought this is a local brand, but the back label was in Japanese. So… I don’t know. But this has the best quality of all these low-priced nail polishes. If this still exists, I wouldn’t mind buying. I think I would prefer small bottles because I could get easily tired of the colors.

I already threw a bunch back then, but these I’ve kept for so long. Now they’ve gone to the bin.

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