Review: BeneFit’s Dr. Feelgood


I’m a fan of BeneFit Cosmetics and one of my favorite products by them is Dr. Feelgood. I have big open pores and applying foundation is a pain because of the build up in the pore. Ewwww. Dr. Feelgood is a good solution for my problem skin. It is a balm which fills in lines and open pores. It has vitamin C and mattifies the skin. I don’t really care about the last 2, I just want less noticeable pores. If you know a similar product, please let me know!

  1. I can relate, big pores are a pain, I wish I can just get them lasered away (and if only *that* option was cheap). Is this product available in any malls here? Or do you buy online?

  2. Have you tried Shills Ms Perfect Pores Hider?
    It’s widely available on ebay

    it appears to be much cheaper than Benefit’s Dr. Feel Good
    I’m not so sure about how good it is though

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