Review: Guerlain Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit

I was intrigued with using purple shadows on the eyebrows, so I couldn’t resist purchasing this. 🙂 The Guerlain Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit is a limited edition release from last year’s fall/winter collection.


The Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit comes in a sleek, gold compact with a mirror and a dual-ended applicator with spoolie and flat angled brush. The compact also comes with a pouch. 

Guerlain Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit 20190226_150423

It has two purple shadows and an off-white shadow with micro-shimmers.

From Guerlain’s website:

The 2-in-1 Eye and Eyebrow Colour Kit by Guerlain brings structure and style to your make-up, thanks to two powders, a highlighter and a double-tip applicator. 

Designed to create the perfect romantic make-up, this limited edition comes with two shades of purple, one matte and one iridescent, which blend together perfectly to create a unique look. 

The subtly iridescent rose-beige shade goes underneath the line of the eyebrows to add shine and on the corner of the eye to open the gaze. Evanescent and adaptable, the hybrid shades are applied to the eyes and eyebrows for an intense or more natural look. 

There’s only one rule of thumb with this kit – anything goes!

Guerlain Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit 20190226_150557

Guerlain Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit 20190226_150619

And the directions for use also from the website:

  1. Use the brush to style your brows then use the other end of the applicator to define the shape using the shades in the colour kit. 
  2. Apply the matte shade to the entire eyelid, accentuating the crease of the eye. 
  3. Apply the opalescent shade to the root of the eyelashes to bring out the colour of your eyes. 
  4. Add the highlighter to make your eyes seem wider.

Guerlain Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit 20190226_151259


I told myself before that I will only use brow mascaras since they are quicker to use and I already have the Dior All-in-One 3D Brow. But as I mentioned earlier, the purple shadows had me curious. I also swatched (in-store) and felt how fine, smooth, and pigmented the powders applied. 

The iridescent purple shade is what I prefer on my eyebrows because it’s lighter (could be intensified); less chance to look harsh. I use the shimmery rose beige shade as an eyebrow highlight, a cheekbone highlight, or an eyeshadow when I can’t think of an eye look and just want to brighten my eyes.

All the powders are blendable, not powdery, and have no fallout. Longevity on my eyebrows goes beyond my work of 8-10 hours (which is often my reference for longevity).

There was a time I used the Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit every day, and it had been in my vanity kit for month or two. I had to remind myself that I need to rotate my other brow products.


Guerlain in Rustan’s Makati (where I get most of my Guerlain) is out of stock of this kit. Just a few hours ago, however, I saw it’s still available in Sephora PH.

I recommend this if you don’t mind shelling out 😉 and for its versatility as a highlight, eyeshadow, and eyebrow powder in a small, travel-friendly compact.


Guerlain Coloured Kit 2-in-1 Eyes and Brow Kit 20190226_150309

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