Review: Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Temptation

In the initial release of the collection with the MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Temptation palette in the official website, the palette sold out fast. I wasn’t sure if it would be available again. I think (and still do) it’s a limited holiday release, so I was a bit disappointed to miss out. To my surprise, Sephora Philippines had it. I quickly ordered the palette the moment Sephora PH announced they already carry the brand. The MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Temptation is my first Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette. 🙂


Pat McGrath’s MTHRSHP palettes contain 6 eyeshadows. It comes in a sturdy box packaging that is secured by magnet and a band. A MTHRSHP palette is actually lighter than it looks.


Not all the eyeshadows have the same ingredients.


Among all my eyeshadow palettes, this Pat McGrath is the best.

  • It never creases. (Creasing is normal to me when I don’t have eyeshadow primer because I have oily  lids.)
  • They never oxidize on me.
  • Applies creamily (you will see in the swatch video).
  • Shades are opaque except Supernova (green shade) that I find isn’t that true to the pan as it is not as “intense” I think it should be and it does not have much sheen.
  • Easy to build up.
  • Easy to blend.

Sublime Bronze Ambition has the “safest” shades in my opinion among the three palettes released. I can make day or work and evening looks with it. Since the eyeshadows are so opaque.

I love the pigmentation of each shade.

Its packaging design is beautiful. I think the six-pan palette is decently-sized for travel and it is secure that I need not worry about the powders smashing in my bag. I like the mirror too because I can see my whole face in it, only it’s a little heavy I can’t keep the flap open. But that’s just a minor issue.

The price is steep, which I won’t deny, but it’s worth it. 🙂 I definitely recommend Pat McGrath eyeshadows especially if one has the budget. We can also watch out for good deals or discounts that happen once or twice a year. 🙂

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