Revlon Beyond Natural in Nude

This is one of the makeups my Mum got me from her latest US trip. I’m ♥in’ it.

Revlon Beyond Natural 001

When she gave this to me, I realized I have more bronzers than blushes. So I’m really happy to have this in my collection.

Revlon Beyond Natural 002

As you can see, in one pan is a blush and bronzer.

Revlon Beyond Natural 003

I use a blemish balm cream (bb cream) which makes me look pale, so having the right blush or bronzer is a must. The Revlon Nude blush and bronzer gives me that natural look that I want.

This is a swatch of the blush (see middle finger):

Blush Swatch

Blush on my left cheek; none on the right.

It’s hardly noticeable in the picture, but it gives such a natural color in real life. This, on the other hand, is the bronzer:

Bronzer Swatch
Has this shade of orange, right?

Bronzer 002 Bronzer 001
Bronzer on left cheek and nothing on the right

Still hardly noticeable which makes me like this product a lot. I use this with my everyday work look because I don’t want to look too made up. The lack of mirror is the only thing I don’t like about it.

I’m sure this is available locally, but I’m not sure about the price. Revlon is a drugstore (yet established) brand. It shouldn’t be expensive.

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