Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation Medium Deep

Last April, I shared here the mess that was my desk and one product I mentioned to have bought was the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation Medium Deep
“Pure, lightweight, loose powder mineral foundation that is good for your skin and wears for up to 16 hours.”

I usually use liquid foundation but since our summers can get very hot and it gets just too heavy and sweaty to wear liquid foundation on a regular basis, I wanted to switch back to powder foundation. Then there was my long standing curiosity to use mineral make-up. I was on a moderate budget so the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation seemed to fit the bill.

I’m not too enthusiastic with the packaging. Although most will find it handy that a retractable brush is attached to the lid, I find it bulky and messy. The brush was softer than the one I got with the Neutrogena Mineral Sheers, but I still find it too harsh to use on my face sometimes.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation: Inside Look

Putting that aside, when it comes to wearing it, Revlon ColorStay achieves a natural matte look with light to moderate coverage. It doesn’t wear as long as it claims on its own, you’d need to use a primer if you want it to stay longer, otherwise you’d have to re-apply every few hours.

Without & With Revlon Foundation

On the left side of the photo, I’m not wearing any foundation and on the right, I’ve applied Revlon’s ColorStay Mineral Foundation (medium deep shade) on myself. As you can see, I have quite the oily face, especially on my T-zone. I prefer having a semi-matte look than a shiny, pearlescent finish so this foundation totally works for me. It’s not recommended for dry skin since it has talc (talc dries up more of what is already dry skin), but this foundation works for my skin type.

This foundation is moderately expensive for a drugstore brand of makeup (600-850 php), probably because of the damned packaging. I like it though, and if it was cheaper it would have been a winner mineral foundation for me. It has 8 available skin shades but limited shade range can be found in local stores.

Have you tried ColorStay, and how was your experience? Do you recommend any other mineral foundation?

  1. I’m looking for a new foundation especially that I can easily bring around and apply. I wonder if that Revlon Mineral Foundation is going to be worth it. Looks good enough for touch-ups, but for the price and its bulkiness… *ponders*

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