RIIR & Rajo Laurel: Athletenique

Last March 22 (Thursday) Shabby and I were at the Ayala Museum where Rags2Riches in collaboration with top designer Rajo Laurel launched an awesometastically colourful summer bag collection: “Athletenique”. The bag line celebrates the philosophy of fitness is fashion, where athletic and ethnic influences collide to create an amalgamation of textures and colors perfect for the season.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces Made by Hand

“I am so excited for this collection! R2R is one of the most fulfilling and important endeavours that I’ve even been involved in. The success of this project has truly been immeasurable. I have been involved with R2R from the very start and I am extremely proud to be part of where we are now.”

— Rajo

R2R’s 2012 Spring Summer designer pieces by Rajo Laurel showcases the enduring craftsmanship of empowered artisans from community-based enterprises across the country whose hands meticulously weave the fabrics for the entire collection.

Support for Eco-Ethical Style

R2R has noted and uptrend in demand, both in the Philippines and abroad. It unveiled plans to further boost growth by expanding its distribution to retailers in the Philippines. Through its enterprise, R2R seeks to continuously encourage potential partners in the retail industry to support its enduring philosophy of doing well by doing good. Presently, R2R’s industry partners include Firma, House of Laurel, Aranaz, Oliver Tolentino and Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts (Makati, Edsa, Mactan, Boracay).

R2R’s event was attended by an exclusive clique of fashion enthusiasts, advocates and partners. The opulent affair was made even more elegant by the art installation using wooden frames and scrap fabric Filipino sculptor Leeroy New.

Athletenique was presented by Metrobank Femme Visa, in cooperation with Ayala Museum and World Economic Forum Young Global Shapers.


Rags2Riches Inc. is a for-profit social enterprise based in Manila, Philippines creating eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics by working with artisans from community-based enterprises across the country. Rags2Riches’ philosophy stands upon its four bottom line: People, Profit, Planet, and Positive Influence.
Learn more: https://rags2riches.ph

Rajo Laurel is one of the Philippines’ top fashion designers. His innate eye for fashion was enhanced through his training from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and Central Saint Martin’s in London. Fifteen years into his career, he has received several awards locally and internationally for fashion design and entrepreneurship. Last 2008, he was named as one of the People of the Year 2008 for his excellent years as a designer and for his advocacy through Rags2Riches.

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