Russian Red and Syrup, my first MAC lipsticks

First MAC among the cosmetics I own as a matter of fact. About time I review them since I have used them long enough.

MAC Russian Red 004v2 MAC Syrup 001v2

The Russian Red is the first I bought between the two and it’s the reason I bought a few other MAC products including Syrup.

MAC Russian Red 001v2 MAC Russian Red 002v2

Russian Red is a cool-toned red matte lipstick that has a very opaque finish with subtle sheen and applies on smoothly (for a matte lipstick). There’s a lot to love about this lipstick, but there’s still some to dislike.

MAC Russian Red 003v2

MAC Russian Red 005v2

Since I don’t use lip liner, I just apply in the middle part of my lips which just goes on smoothly for a matte lipstick. Then I press together my lips to spread the color and carefully fill in the missed areas. I love that it makes my teeth look white. 馃榾 Two swipes is the maximum for me. When I apply more, it ends up bleeding which gets messier when I try to clean. This doesn’t feather though it can stain. Red lips can be sexy, but some guys I’ve dated disliked it because it does stain and they don’t want red lips. 馃槈 Aside from staining, it sucks the moisture off my lips and causes flaking. First use is a given for me. Another is when I do not use it for a while then use it again. The most awesome thing with this lipstick is that it can stay on for hours! with normal talking and eating. I get about six and another with just the red stain. I still do minimal retouch when I can after every meal.

MAC Russian Red 006v2

I didn’t have other lipsticks as opaque as this at the time I bought it, so it took a lot of courage to wear. Its color is truly eye-catching and it even got praises. Some (family, friends, or strangers) would ask what lipstick it is. When I got used to wearing it, I bought other very opaque lipsticks and that’s also when I began to wear Russian Red for day looks.

Syrup is the second MAC lipstick I bought. Although I bought it because I felt like so after reading posts and posts of MAC lipsticks reviews from various beauty blogs, it wasn’t a regrettable purchase. The shade that I really wanted was Angel, I think. It was too light on me, so I went through other MAC lipsticks because I didn’t want to go home empty-handed. (Sadly, whoever accommodated me at the store left me halfway during the search.) I then found Syrup, a lustre lipstick. This is my MLBB shade and a favorite! I wear this often for work when I put more ‘depth’ to my eye makeup or I just want a hint of color on my lips.

MAC Syrup 002v2

Syrup is a muted lilac and is semi-sheer when applied. It applies on smoothly; feels creamy but doesn’t leave a heavy creamy-finish. I love the color and that signature vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks matches with the lipstick’s name which makes applying this fun. It’s like applying those flavored lip glosses.

Being lustre, it is like gloss, but only with a subtle shine which is visible for an hour then looks matte afterwards. The lipstick dried my lips on initial use, but it adapted eventually. On longevity, it stays on for 3 hours if I’m lucky and that is with very minimal eating and talking. There are times I only get two hours from it. I get a wee pink stain for almost another hour. Honestly, it is hard to say if I still have this lipstick on or not. Though I may just reapply, it is no good considering the cost of a Mac lipstick and reapplying more often than usual can be an inconvenience.

MAC Syrup 003v2

Those with pigmented lips may get some color off Syrup, but if you are pale then I’m not sure if it will work for you.

Both are regular shades and locally available in all MAC stores. I bought both at MAC Glorietta at PhP1000 each. I will definitely buy both again except if I find an alternative to Syrup that stays on longer.

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