September scent

My September scent is one of my favorites:

Bath & Body Works - Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray v2
Bath & Body Works’ Japanese Cherry Blossom (probably my fourth bottle)

It has a fresh, floral, vanilla, musk, and woody fragrance with even a hint of cinnamon. This is a great everyday scent; very down-to-earth, but still girly and fun. This may be for night out or dates, but just to make you smell fresh and not too sexy to make your crush or SO’s heart skip a beat. I find it non-irritating to my nose even when I spritz on more than usual. Longevity is moderate and sillage can be moderate to heavy. I will never get tired of this Japanese Cherry Blossom. It’s the first B&BW scent that I liked and I have been using this for years. I hoarded even its variants of body wash, antibacterial hand gel, and shampoo. I matched this with its body lotion which is milder smell than the body spray.

I also used a sample of Lauren Style: Ralph Lauren Eau de Parfum which smells of white florals and citrus. Way too feminine that I would like.

Ralph Lauren - Lauren Style v2

Smell intensity is moderate which is a good thing because it doesn’t irritate my nose. Sillage right after application is very good, but the smell becomes faint after an hour or two. Then after four hours I could barely smell it. Even though what I have is only a sample size and I could bring it wherever, I dislike that I feel the need to reapply even when I’m hardly perspiring. I can’t say this is another scent of mine for last month. I just had to put this back on my vanity shelf.

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