Skin Care Week: Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar

Taking over for day two of Skin Care week, let me introduce you to my new best friend, the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body. Setting aside that the name of the soap is quite a mouthful, you might ask, why a soap bar? Isn’t there a cleansing gel or liquid cleanser that can work on your acne? To be honest, I have tried the cleansing foam, the cleansing gel, the liquid cleanser… I’ve tried them all but it’s just not working well enough for me.

So I just recently purchased the soap bar. It’s usually out of stock so finding it can be challenging. The first few days that I’ve tried it, I became an instant convert. I like the mild clean scent it has and it leaves me with a clean feel on my face. It can be drying sometimes but it’s supposed to clear up your acne, of course it will be drying. A little moisturizer after the cleansing ritual can bring back the hydration your skin needs.

Mild, medicated soap helps clear and prevent acne on face and body. Targets breakouts with encapsulated, acne-fighting salicylic acid. Removes dirt, excess oil. Unclogs pores. Skin looks and feels calmed, smooth and comfortable.

It has only been a few weeks but my face’s oiliness isn’t as excessive as before, and most of the pimples that have taken residence on my temples and chin have already dried out and hasn’t come back since. So here’s to hoping it stays that way for months to come because this soap foams easily and will probably last me 5-6 months of daily usage. The soap dish it comes in makes it good for traveling so that’s a huge plus for me.

The bad: it can be expensive, at 1,300 php, that’s a big wallop to the wallet for a soap bar. It’s also a very creamy bar, and I do not like creamy bar soaps. They feel like they’re just melting away in my hands and leave soap scum all over the place. It doesn’t look like it’s melting away soon though, so that’s a relief and might just justify the price. This product can be drying so it’s not really good for all skin types as it so claims, or at least don’t use it daily if you have dry/normal skin and focus only on problematic areas.

It’s available in Clinique booths, just ask the Clinique consultant if the soap is the best fit for you 😉


Have you tried this soap out? How has the experience been? Any recommendation for cleansing for oily skin? Let me know in the comment section below. Ciao!

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