Strip’s London Warm Gingerbread Cookie Wax

After the New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax, Strip now offers the London Warm Gingerbread Cookie Wax.

Because I try to be diligent with my waxing, I already had waxed the week prior my appointment for the new wax. I thought I wouldn’t be able to try this like with the New York Vanilla Cupcake, but I was told I can have an underwarm wax instead. So… Yay! 😛

I haven’t had my underarms waxed in a long time. I used to shave, but stopped because of the thick hair growth. I started plucking until I discovered a body hair remover cream which does the job faster than the former. I tried cold wax once, but meh… I think the cream is better. I guess I should say this was the first time I would have a underwarm hot wax AND with the Warm Gingerbread Cookie wax even.

Look, they got pillow canes!

My underarm felt smoother after the session. That’s what I like about hot wax. As opposed to cold wax, the hot wax seems to be able to remove those short hairs that cause bumps on the skin. The body hair remover cream lessened the chicken skin-feel on my underarm caused by the shaving and plucking, but hot wax is definitely better. 🙂

You know, it was also a good idea that I tried the wax for my underarm. I was able to take a good sniff of it. Haha~ The wax truly has that sweet cookie smell; as though something was being baked even. As the smell lingered, it made me want to run to a coffee shop and get me cookies. XD Oh, salami too. I guess I was just hungry. Unexpectedly, Strip gave me a gingerbread with candy cane. 😀

Gingerbread man and candy cane from Strip (& Party Perfect)
The candy cane broke because I was careless. -.-;;

Strip has partnered with Party Perfect for this holiday season wax.

I like the gingerbread man cookie. 😀 I could eat all those like how one would eat chips. You should definitely try it while you still can. I should also mention — That when you order from Party Perfect with a minimum purchase of PhP900, you get 30% off your all-off wax in Strip.

The Warm Gingerbread Cookie Wax has been available since Nov. 18, 2012 in both Manila branches of Strip and it is so only this holiday season. Don’t miss out. 😉

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