Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette

The Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette is (still) my favorite all-around/multi-task palette. It’s difficult for me to set this aside when I need to rotate my makeup, which I do weekly.

The palette was released in part of Laura Mercier’s holiday collection last year. I fell in love with it at first sight, but I didn’t buy it right away. I tried hard to be a “wise consumer” by sleeping it off. Maybe I was just taken by how pretty it is. Then when I went on a vacation, I couldn’t stop thinking about it to the point I had to contact the SA for a reservation while still out of the country. 😂

Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette 20181212_225729

Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette 20181212_225813

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Review: Guerlain Terracotta Route Des Îles

This very beautiful Guerlain Terracotta Route Des Îles Tan Enhancing Bronzer (22g) is a limited edition release with Guerlain’s summer 2018 collection. 

Guerlain Terracotta Route Des Îles 20190620_234941
Comes in wooden packaging with mirror.

I like that the top doesn’t come off separately unlike the other LE bronzer in the same wooden packaging that I have.

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Happy New Year! + Best of Beauty 2015

Late New Year’s greetings to you lovelies! 😀 Bringing you my first ‘Best of Beauty’ in 2015. I thought hard enough of what products I really liked last year. There’s hair and skin care faves besides makeup, surprisingly. I also found great beauty discoveries last year.

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Revlon Beyond Natural in Nude

This is one of the makeups my Mum got me from her latest US trip. I’m ♥in’ it.

Revlon Beyond Natural 001

When she gave this to me, I realized I have more bronzers than blushes. So I’m really happy to have this in my collection.

Revlon Beyond Natural 002

As you can see, in one pan is a blush and bronzer.

Revlon Beyond Natural 003

I use a blemish balm cream (bb cream) which makes me look pale, so having the right blush or bronzer is a must. The Revlon Nude blush and bronzer gives me that natural look that I want.

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