Happy New Year! + Best of Beauty 2015

Late New Year’s greetings to you lovelies! 😀 Bringing you my first ‘Best of Beauty’ in 2015. I thought hard enough of what products I really liked last year. There’s hair and skin care faves besides makeup, surprisingly. I also found great beauty discoveries last year.

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So I’ll be flying to CH and these are my toiletries

I feel more organized with my packing for this Switzerland trip probably because my flight has been long delayed. I had plenty of time to make sure to bring the essentials. So, here’s my toiletries with only those I use daily.

Toiletries for Switzerland Travel 20150629_072906

I have two shower gels because the Bath & Body Works in Warm Vanilla Sugar is nearly empty. I thought I was out of shower gel, but remembered the gift I received from a former co-worker. The shower gel and its body lotion both smell amazing. I’m excited to use them. There’s also my Clinique 3-Step Skin Care with the fully-charged Sonic Brush. I can’t stop from recommending and praising the Sonic Brush to friends. 😀 I’m considering bringing another travel-sized tube of the liquid facial soap. Just in case.

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Dove Hair Therapy in Intense Repair and Hair Fall Rescue

Have you tried the Dove Hair Therapy shampoos? I tried the Intense Repair and currently use Hair Fall Rescue. Afaik, Dove Hair Therapy arrived Philippine shores not too long ago. Best I review these before they become very old news. 😛

My hair is very unmanageable, breaks easily, my hair fall is terrible, and I have split-ends. Primary cause is frequent blow drying. I know it’s not good for my hair, but I need to blow dry else it is a complete mess and I hate to be seen with a lion’s mane. DX Dove Hair Therapy got my attention because of its claim on moisturizing and restoring damaged hair.

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The Dove Showeroke… Last June! :P

Dove Showeroke 001

I remembered about this event while I was fixing things in my room and found the envelope they handed out the night of this event. My bad. ^^;;; Also, since Joiz was with me that night, she had the blogging duty for this on Glam Love. LOL ^^;;; Sorry!

Dove Showeroke 002
A really dark shot of the guests
(I got too lazy to Photoshop this properly)

This was probably the second event the Glam Love ladies were invited to. I could be wrong though. I think Karen passed the invitation to us since she couldn’t go. O_o

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dove showeroke

Go Fresh Showeroke by Dove

Love to sing in the shower? Oh come on, while the water’s running and you think no one but the shampoo bottles can hear, don’t you just want to belt out a song or two to let out how you feel? Isn’t that refreshing?

Now turn that into a digital contest and what do you get?

Dove’s Showeroke was a competition inviting everyone who loves to sing in the shower to upload a video of them performing a choice of shower song while holding one of Dove’s Go Fresh products (Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bar, Body Wash or Deodorant Stick). Last June 22, 2010, Shabby and I (Karen couldn’t make it) gave witness to Dove’s first ever Showeroke at Strumm’s as 8 finalists duked it out to be the ultimate shower diva.

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