Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

I thought I already ran out of makeup removers. Turns out I have another small bottle of the Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. This is probably my third bottle. All of which came from Estee Lauder makeup sets. 😀

Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 001v2

I like that this is not oily, fragrance-free, and wipes out eye makeup without leaving residue. It just cannot remove right away stubborn eye liners and mascaras, but it can so when a soaked cotton (with the makeup remover) is placed on the eyes a little longer — say, 20 seconds — then lightly swiped off. That works for me somewhat. The makeup remover isn’t irritating on my eyes. I guess that isn’t so for others?

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EOTD: So it’s grey not green?

These past few days have been terribly terribly hot. DX If only I can not go out in mornings! But there’s work. =_= Anyway, last night I saw in the root folder of one of my external drives a photo of Emily Browning:

I remember saving this because of her pretty shimmery eye makeup which looks to be pale emerald green. Since I’m going out today, I thought of attempting to copy it. I have a similar shade in one of my Estee Lauder palettes so I took that out for this. 🙂

EOTD 2014-0329 001v2
With flash

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FOTN: Farming and tanking night

In spite the exhaustion from yesterday morning’s inspection all over Makati, I still pushed through farming and tanking with other *insert game here* players. I can’t disclose yet what game it is until I blog about it. 😀 Anyway, I wanted to personally meet the mucho friendly people who welcomed me to their group.

I did a dark eye makeup since I would be meeting them late night plus I feel like doing dark eye makeup more often (or as long as I’m not going to the office).

FOTN 2014-0314 004

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FOTD: Here’s another office makeup look

FOTD 2014-0302 001v2

Here’s another (easy) office/work make-up look. For this, I use mostly those from the Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Wardrobe Dual Decker Colour for Eyes & Cheeks which I have been happily using ever since I purchased it. Total Laura Mercier convert now that I already have a couple in mind for my next purchase from them. 😀

FOTD 2014-0302 002v2


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Getting dry skin on this relatively chilly weather

Hasn’t it been very cold lately? Colder than last year’s and this chilly weather even started earlier than I expected. I like it actually because I get to wear my jackets, sweaters, or blazers to work without arriving in the office looking as though I took a bath in my own sweat. But the AC in our office adjusts to the weather outside (because it’s fucked like that), so if baby it’s cold outside, then it’s way colder in the office. With the cold weather outside and chiller office, my skin from head to toe has suffered from extreme dryness. Thankfully I don’t have scaly skin, but it’s still annoying. I had to change some of my skin care products to keep up with my extremely dry skin.

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Deep and luster violets

I’m feeling somewhat meh today. Yet I suddenly felt experimenting an eye makeup look using the Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Wardrobe.

Eye Makeup 2014-0121 001v2
Eye Makeup 2014-0121 002v2

  • Laura Mercier E/S in Dusk (half-lid and inner corner)
  • Laura Mercier E/S in African Violet (half-lid — to outer “V” and halfway of crease)
  • Laura Mercier E/S in Deep Night (outer “V” up to crease and lower lash line)
  • Laura Mercier E/S in Morning Dew (brow bone/highlight and lower lash line)
  • Estee Lauder More than Mascara in Rich Black
  • Laura Mercier eye liner in Bleu Marine

Eye Makeup 2014-0121 003v2
Eye Makeup 2014-0121 005v2

Eye Makeup 2014-0121 004v2Eye Makeup 2014-0121 006v2

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Dramatic Pastels Palette from last year’s Estee Lauder holiday collection

First, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures of the eyeshadow and cheek palette. The swatches are fine, but the palette pictures were taken last year with a different camera and I only checked them today only to see how dark they were. I tried to edit them as much as I could; made sure the colors of the eyeshadows and blush are as close to real life.

Anyway, now that’s clear, let’s move on…

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FOTD: Before heading to the office last Sunday

FOTD-ing in spite of being in a hurry because I haven’t done this in a while.

FOTD 2013-1208 003v2

On my face and lips:

  • Clinique Even Better in True Beige
  • theBalm Sexy Mama
  • Estee Lauder Pink Kiss Blush
  • Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Cabana Crush

FOTD 2013-1208 002v2

FOTD 2013-1208 001v2

Estee Lauder for my eye makeup:

  • Estee Lauder Candy Crave (all over lids)
  • Estee Lauder Sepia Sand (crease)
  • Estee Lauder Lavish Mink (outer “V”)
  • Estee Lauder Sugar Cube (brow bone/highlight)
  • Estee Lauder Enchanted Forest (lower lash)
  • Estee Lauder Artist’s Eye Pencil in 02 SoftSmudge Brown

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Estee Lauder Signature and Pure Color EyeShadow palette

Today was really sunny that it was a good time to make swatches. So I did with the palette I’ve been using for some time already. This has also been in my makeup pouch for about two months straight. I use it almost everyday especially for work. It’s a new favorite. I ♥ it. 🙂

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8001v2_zpsb926df20.jpg

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8002v2_zps962d8adc.jpg

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8003v2_zps86f292e7.jpg

The palette contains four each of Estee Lauder Signature and Pure Color EyeShadow. It is a mix of matte and satin shades. Some sheer. Some are buildable for a dramatic eye look yet not to an over-made extent which makes the palette good for either day or night looks.

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